Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Return of the Alien (Part 1)

Note: I wrote the article below in 2007. SJG

The Return of the Alien (Part 1)
By Stephen Gray

It has been three years since I filed a report on the state of the earth. Therefore, my government in outer space has asked me to return to earth, and update them on some of the latest happenings. After much research by me, here is my report to the outer space community.

The people of the earth are still immersed in wars against each other. The victims of these wars are men, women and children. It is the children who suffer the most in all this warfare and killing. The killing is not only done in wars. The people of the earth are not averse to killing their young while these innocents are still in their mothers wombs. They call this atrocity, abortion or “choice.” Millions of innocents in their mothers wombs are killed yearly under the banner of “choice.”

The consequences of killing millions by “choice,” over many years, has resulted in a shortage of workers, which is now showing up in their economic systems. Though, nobody amongst the elites here on earth will admit that this is the cause. Instead they call this lack of workers the results of “low fertility.” I find this corruption of words quite common here. Nothing means what it is supposed to mean anymore. They camouflage the language to impose unnatural agendas.

For instance, the last time I was here in this place, they were discussing and promoting an issue called “same-sex marriage.” This has now come to fruition. This parody was imposed by three judges, who used to be lawyers. These lawyers who become judges are the real rulers in this country. The politicians did make a law on this after the judges made their decision. They call this rule by appointed lawyers oops I mean judges, the “benefit” of living in a “democracy.”

“Democracy” is enacted in this country every few years. The people are allowed to vote in an election. During this election campaign the politicians of all political stripes promise the people all kinds of good things from the peoples own money, if only they will vote for them. Once elected to office, they punish the people for voting for them, and tax them into submission. As I noted earlier, they call this “democracy.”

This “democracy” in this country is ruled by a document called “the Charter.” The people did not get to vote on whether they wanted this “charter.” It was imposed upon them by the political elites of the day. Yet, very few people here ask the question: “How can this document be legitimate when the people were not allowed to vote individually on its acceptance?” Still, as I noted earlier, they call this “democracy.”

In this “democracy,” drugs are supposed to be illegal. Yet, they give out “free needles” (paid for by taxpayers) to those who want to shoot up dope. The dopes in power even allow, what they call, “safe injection sites,” (paid for by taxpayers) where some of the addicts go to inject this illegal dope into their bodies. One would think a better and more healthy way to help, and clean up these people, would be to take them off the streets and put them into forcible treatment.( They do that with those who have TB). But, that would be against their “human rights.”

“Human rights” are big in this country (except for the children in their mothers wombs, they have none) and a whole bureaucracy revolves around “rights.” They have tribunals called "Human Rights Commissions" and anybody who feels discriminated against lodges a complaint with them. Rights have become an industry for the politically correct. If you are not politically correct you can be in trouble. So people must watch their language.

The language here has certain code words. For example when you don’t like something, or if somebody is critical of you, it is good advice to call or accuse that person of being a scab, racist, homophobic, mean spirited, intolerant, bigoted, sexist and hateful. Or accuse them of lookism, ageism or any other "ism" you can think of. There are many more similar words, but these are the key words used to smear people and ensure that your rights are protected even if you are wrong. People run for cover when these words are used against them.

Anyhow, I must close for the moment. I am living quite close to the office of the Human Rights Police (HRP) and they could be watching me. My next report will be issued when I feel more secure. I have so much information on the happenings in this place that it will take some time to document it all. In the meantime, I have applied for welfare under my phony social insurance number and hope to collect my due at the end of the month. Till next time, I am your faithful alien servant.

A.N. Alien.

Stephen Gray
March 3, 2007.