Saturday, February 4, 2012

Beating the War Drums

Beating the War Drums
By Stephen J. Gray

The war drums are beating for another war
Promoted by the “good” war criminals and the political bores
Will it be sold as another “humanitarian mission?”
By the treacherous war mongers of lies and perdition

The profits of slaughter, bombing and murder
Are enormous and blood soaked for the New World Order
These would be rulers who never fight
Are creators of mayhem and pillaging, but hide out of sight

Villains and bandits in expensive attire
They want the puppet politicians to set the world on fire
They are safely ensconced in their bunkers of luxury
While people die and suffer abjectly

Suffering and horror means nothing to these parasites
Who feed off death and destruction and never join the fight
They are too busy plotting, scheming and making blood soaked profit
Then they send their money to their offshore office

Are “respectable” criminals running the system; one might ask?
For they seem to be involved in every dirty task
Some even get medals for bombing and destruction
Think of some who have received such adulation

Perhaps it’s time to put the “political leaders” in the front lines of war
Let’s see how brave are these political curs?
They are the “brave warriors” who never fight
Whose weapons are rhetoric that they spout with all their might

Put also in the front lines the manufacturers of destruction
The financiers, the bankers, and the corporate collection
And those media promoters of hell on earth
Let them all get their fill instead of the serfs

So let all those who are gung ho for war
Let them lead the charge, let them be at the fore
Let them lead by example, let them have the “fun”
After all, these are ones beating the big war drum

Stephen J. Gray
February 4, 2012.