Sunday, August 11, 2013

Media Frenzy Over Press Release by Real Women

The airwaves, the newspapers and the TV news and others went apoplectic over a press release by Real Women. If words could kill, [1] Real Women would be dead and buried.
The National Post of August 7, 2013 in an article headlined: “John Baird’s defence of gay rights ‘highly offensive,’ conservative women’s group says” by Jake Edmiston. The article stated:
 “Last week, Mr. Baird revealed that he had attempted, in eight closed-door meetings, to convince the Russian government not to move forward with a law that banned gay pride rallies and the spreading of information about gay choices to minors.” The article went on to quote Mr. Baird as saying:  ‘It is an incitement to intolerance, which breeds hate,…’  Baird is not a Russian politician and is not elected by the Russian people. But, he is Minister of Foreign Affairs perhaps that gives him the right to criticize other countries? Still, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, as the saying goes.

Here in “civilized” Canada people are not allowed to “propagandize” within a certain radius, outside abortion clinics even though human lives are being cut to pieces, suctioned out or decapitated. Is that not a “hate” crime and does it not smack of “intolerance” and protection of depraved acts? So far I haven’t heard Mr. Baird speak out on that or the so-called mainstream “investigative” media either, they are too busy criticizing Real Women.

In fact, Anthony Furey in the Ottawa Sun of August 10, 2013 wrote this:
“REAL Women of Canada need a reality check….
Drop the double standard and just accept that Canada stands up for all human rights.” [2]

I believe it is Mr. Furey who needs a “reality check.” He says, “…Canada stands up for all human rights.” Anybody with half a brain knows this is baloney. 491 babies were born alive after abortionists failed to kill them [3] and most of the media in Canada have buried the story. No “human rights” for these little ones or the other innocents slaughtered in the name of “choice.”  No media frenzy over rights for them, only hypocrisy from the media and most of the politicians.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper chose to speak out on human rights in Canada and Russia. This headline:  “Harper speaks out against Russia’s anti-gay law” [4]

“Stephen Harper has waded into the controversy over Russia’s new anti-gay law.
Speaking in Miramichi, N.B., the prime minister said Canadians expect his government to defend human rights….” [4]
 “I think it’s important to recognize there are some controversies in this matter, but the reality is that our position is that we don’t imprison or kill people for acts committed freely between adults,” [4[
“We don’t imprison people for their expressing political positions….”[4]
(What about the human rights of Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons who have been imprisoned many times for merely protesting the killing of babies outside abortuaries.)

I believe Harper’s words should win him a prize for hypocrisy.
Mr. Harper along with Mr. Baird and other politicians in Canada voted against finding out when human life begins and will not even defend the human rights of the 491 babies born alive after failed killings. [3] Then were left to die.
It takes courage and human decency to do the right thing, I believe this is lacking in the Harper government and in most of the politicians in Canada’s parliament. They are selective when it comes to “human rights” as are most of the media as witness their latest frenzy against Real Women.

Stephen J. Gray
August 11, 2013.