Monday, March 9, 2009

State Sanctioned Slaughter

The hypocrisy of the present day leaders of the political world is monumental. They babble on about “human rights” yet these same political leaders are deniers of human rights to the innocent child in the womb. Untold millions have been slaughtered by abortionists and yet these leaders have the gall to mouth platitudes about “human rights.” It is a wonder they do not choke on their own hypocrisy.

To see them posturing and parading at G8 meetings is a sight to behold. Every one of their countries are involved in the slaughter of the innocents, and these are the people who talk about “saving the planet.” That’s a laugh; they cannot even save or protect the lives of the innocents murdered by abortionists. In fact, they are partners in this crime against the humanity of the innocents, for they are the ones in positions of power who are supposed to have ethics and principles, yet they condone the atrocities committed in the name of “choice.”

A number of years ago some human lives were deemed “unworthy of living” and people were slaughtered under this slogan. The same thing is happening today, only we disguise this type of killing as “freedom of choice.” We have another holocaust in our midst but the victims are hidden. There are no pictures of these atrocities in the media. There are no “human rights” museums for these slaughtered innocents. There are no days declared in memory of these tiny murdered humans. There is denial that we are killing human lives. The decapitated and dismembered innocents are described as “products of conception” and thus are considered lives “unworthy of living” just as the Jews were once considered that by the Nazis.

Some would respond that society is different now, that it is civilized. But what is civilized about suctioning out, carving up, cutting to pieces, poisoning by a saline solution or sucking out babies brains? Any person with morals knows this atrocity is not civilized; it is criminal and should be treated as such. But the “brains” who rule over us explain away these heinous actions as “reproductive choice.”

It is a horrific choice to kill a child. We can see this child in the womb via ultrasound. Some have even been taken out of the womb and operated on, then put back in. See picture at: Of course, that’s when the child is wanted but the “unwanted child” is targeted to be killed because he or she is deemed a life “unworthy of living” and is put to death.

Now we are seeing the consequences of these deaths by abortion: a greater number of old people than young and a lack of skilled workers. Of course, all this is explained away as “low fertility.” No correlation is admitted that killing millions by abortion would eventually bring a day of reckoning. But not to worry: the “experts” in our midst have a “final solution.” It is called “death with dignity.” These words sound nice, but hey, killing must be disguised to make it “legitimate” and “decent.” So look out all you old people out there, “what goes around comes around” as the saying goes. If life can be disposed of at its beginning, then why not before its end? Who knows: you might be the next victim of state-sanctioned slaughter.

Note: to see the truth about abortion, and the “choice” supported by many politicians go to:

Stephen J. Gray
June 16, 2007.