Saturday, March 14, 2009

Marketland and the Gang of 20

There was doom and gloom in Marketland
The money was not there
Had persons robbed and pillaged the system?
Are there thieves everywhere?

Where did all the money go?
Is some of it offshore?
Have villains robbed the system?
Are they now looking for much more?

“You must bail us out,” they cried
Amidst all the financial buzz
“For you see money talks and walks” (offshore perhaps?)
“And you don’t want to lose us”

Now the ones who crashed the system
Are now the “credible” advisers
For this is how marketland works
Populated by greedy shysters

Meanwhile the Gang of 20
Met to discuss the fix
They had a nice dinner
And some expensive wines for kicks

“We need another Bretton Woods,” said one
Pompously clearing his throat
“Let’s raise a glass to that,” said the gang
“Let’s issue a statement, saying, we are all for it”

So they all gathered together
On the final day of talks
Had their picture taken
And waved to all the cops (no peasants were allowed)

Then they climbed the steps of their aircraft
And once more waved again
Then they all headed home
After another nice taxpayers weekend

The moral of this story is:
There are robbers in a world of plenty
For this is how the system works
Welcome to Marketland and the Gang of 20

Stephen J. Gray
November 16, 2008.