Saturday, February 23, 2013

The International Community of Gangsters

You can see them preening and posturing on the world stage, impeccably dressed. Feted and acclaimed by some of their partners in crimes,’ and lauded as “statesmen” and “eminent persons.” They give speeches at thousands of dollars a speech to some of those who have profited from their decisions. Some of them even write books on their roles in corrupting the world, only they don’t use the word corrupting. They use words like “bringing democracy” and “responsibility to protect.” I believe it is the people everywhere who need protection from these international gangsters who start wars based on lies and cause death and destruction world wide. These are the “respectable” war criminals to big to jail, too big too prosecute and too powerful to arrest because they run and control the system called “democracy.”

Now “democracy” has become a dirty and obscene word used to camouflage the carnage created by these vultures of villainy. They supply dictators and despots around the world with missiles, weapons, bombs and tear gas to use against their own people. Then, they -- when it suits them-- will help unseat a dictator and help put another one in his place. Or instead, cause a civil war. They have been known to finance both sides in wars which could be called the “ethics of gangsterism.” Some have even been known to get a prize for peace which surely is an indictment of how rotten, corrupt and depraved the system has become.

They kill children using drones, sometimes they apologize for their “mistakes” other times they don’t. They call killing children “collateral damage” after all, that sounds better than burning them alive or decapitating them with a hellfire missile. They destroy homes, cities, and infrastructure then get contracts to rebuild the devastation they created. They send young men and women to die and fight under the banner of “war on terror.” Some of these soldiers are terribly maimed. Families lose their loved ones and bloodstained profits are made by the gangsters in expensive suits who never fight. Instead they are the deceitful planners of all the mayhem and misery. For them war is a profitable “business.” The only ones who do not profit are the soldiers, the families and the victims.

Which raises the question: Should these international gangsters be allowed to make their bloodstained profits off the dead, dying and decapitated? Surely, if we truly had a functioning justice system these international gangsters would be put on trial? Alas, that cannot be done unless there is a change of attitude by the ordinary people who are in the majority everywhere. Perhaps the time will come when ordinary people will refuse to take orders from these gangsters and put them all in a jail cell where they belong. Meantime, this international community of gangsters’ are running amok.

Stephen J. Gray
February 23, 2013.

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