Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Unionized Corporate Media Goes Into a Feeding Frenzy

Like sharks in the water Canada’s unionized corporate media went into a feeding frenzy over the awarding of medals to two peaceful pro-life heroes.
Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner, were “awarded Queen's Diamond Jubilee medals by a Conservative MP.” [1]
Maurice Vellacott was the MP who nominated them for the award.  The CBC news of October 23, 2012 described them as, “Two convicted criminals,…” What was their crime? Their “crime” in Canada today was peacefully protesting the killing of pre-born children in abortion chambers. Linda Gibbons has spent years in jail and Mary Wagner has also spent time in jail. This is the hellish state of justice in Canada today. Meanwhile Canada’s foremost abortionist received the country’s highest honor: The Order of Canada! And the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), at its 2008 convention, gave an award to abortionist Morgentaler.

“Delegates applauded loudly, with many moved to tears, as Dr. Henry Morgentaler was introduced as the 2008 recipient of the CLC Award for Outstanding Service to Humanity”[2]

In Canada today, “Outstanding Service to Humanity” is the killing of pre-born innocents by abortion and also gets you the Order of Canada.  It is beyond my comprehension how anyone would now accept this award after it was awarded into the bloodstained hands of an abortionist. I believe the Order of Canada is now tainted and an object of dishonour. Meanwhile, if you try to act honourably and bring attention to the killing of the innocents by abortion by peacefully protesting this gets you jail time. There is something terribly obscene in our society, when wrong is aided, abetted and honoured by the elites and also by a frenzied media that dares to call decent people “criminals.”

Courageous conservative MP Maurice Vellacott had this to say:
‘It's a pretty upside down world when we honour abortionists like Henry Morgentaler for killing over 5,000 babies and imprison precious women, like Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons, who try to save babies from such savagery. They are the real heroes of humanity!’ [1]

The humanity of pre-born children in Canada cannot even be discussed as witness recently the 203 MPs who voted against discussing “when human life begins” and whose political cowardice cast a disgraceful pall over parliament.

Canada has no law on abortion, and ranks with communist China and North Korea in this vile situation. And just like China and North Korea protesting the killing of the innocents by abortion can get you jailed and ridiculed by the media as a “criminal.”

I believe the real criminals in Canada today are those in positions of power and those before them who have allowed this terrible atrocity of killing by abortion to continue unabated. I also believe the so-called “searchers for truth” in the media – except for a few – have covered up this slaughter of the innocents and continue to do so. I believe propaganda has replaced principles in journalism, politics and the law. The depraved slogan “freedom of choice” is the banner under which we kill our young and the word “criminals” is heaped upon decent people who protest Canada’s killing of its young. Propaganda is alive and well in Canada today and reminds me of another evil era where the truth was perverted and twisted.

“The effective propagandist must be a master of the art of speech, of writing, of journalism, of the poster and of the leaflet. He must have the gift to use the major methods of influencing public opinion such as the press, film and radio to serve his ideas and goals, above all in an age of advancing technology.” Josef Goebbles, Nazi propagandist,

Stephen J. Gray
October 24, 2012.

 Note: See the slaughtered victims of abortion that are hidden and censored by most of the media at: