Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Creators of Hell on Earth

They manufacture weapons that kill and maim
They are the peddlers of death the “respectable” insane
Clad in their tailored and expensive attire
These are the financiers of death who set the world on fire

Their clients are “statesmen,” dictators and despots
 And governments and their flunkeys who readily boast
Bloody mayhem and devastation is their forte
Their blood soaked profits mount after another sortie

Their hellish trade in mass destruction
Leaves innocent victims unable to function
Their slogan is, “bringing democracy”
It’s a wonder they don’t choke on their own hypocrisy

Villainous butchers get prizes for peace
And their vile depredations never cease
Their latest “smart” weapons are called the drones
And armchair assassins guide them into homes

And if they kill children by mistake
They say they are “sorry”: But it’s too late
Evil rules this “civilized” society
Drunk with power and claiming “sobriety”

These are the “experts” that never fight
B.S. merchants of left and right
You’ll see them on the T.V. shows
Out of their mouths the hot air blows

It’s all a dirty evil game
Financing both sides in war has no shame
These people have no morals and should get no respect
They kill under the banner of “responsibility to protect”

 War criminals that never go on trial
They are too powerful; and in reality vile
They have corrupted everything of any worth
They are the creators of hell on earth

Stephen J. Gray
October 14, 2012.