Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Open Treason?

Countries are herded into the EU: some without a vote by their people
And hard working honest citizens are herded like sheeple
Is “democracy” just another obsolete word?
As appointed and elected dictatorial rulers govern the herd

Are people treated like animals and restrained in the name of austerity?
Are the privileged financial elites wallowing in prosperity?
There is money by the trillions in offshore tax havens
Was some of it looted from the peoples’ savings?

Wars are financed by the peoples’ tax dollars
And young soldiers are sent to participate in bloody horrors
Profits are made by the bloodsucking ghouls
Do these parasites believe we are ignorant fools?

But thinking people know what is going on
As their countries are sold out for a, “free trade” song
Will “free trade” deals be signed without debate
Will treacherous politicians seal their countries fate

Has blatant treason become the order of the day?
Do the pillaging corporate cannibals hold sway?
They lurk in the shadows as their political puppets sign their deals
They could care less, how the people feel

Are we seeing treachery, treason, deceit and lies?
Camouflaged as “creating jobs” and “security ties”
“Partnerships” is another word they use
The marketers of B.S. have nothing to lose

Is a North American Union (NAU) in their plans?
Conspiracies have been around since time began
And in this age of keeping you “safe”
A New World Order is taking place

And if you haven’t heard of “Agenda 21”
This is a UN plan that’s looking to get done
The whole world is in this all encompassing plan
And you are in it even if you’re not a fan

The New World Order is out in the open
Globalism has arrived and is freedom just a token?
The marketers of lies and deceit are winning
And the propaganda merchants are in at the beginning

“Creating jobs” and “global security,” is the message to the slaves
Does power exist in the hands of treasonous knaves?
Is national sovereignty no longer in season?
Are we seeing open treason?

Stephen J. Gray
October 16, 2012.

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