Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Last Free Man: Is This What is to Come?

Charlie was thinking, where did it all begin? How had freedom become lost?
As a child, his parents had had a chip transplanted in his body to save him from kidnappers, and all the “experts” said this was a good thing, because he could be tracked and traced. Later it had become normal for everybody to be chipped. There were chips in one’s driving license, chips in all the credit cards, chips in the medical cards; people were tracked everywhere. Everybody had a number as well as a chip. But, WHO was in charge. WHO was The World Healthy Organization and it now had more power than governments. The WHO had a mandate to declare a pandemic and everybody had to be vaccinated in an emergency. Now there were emergencies all the time and the people were lining up to be inoculated. There were even fights in some places by people jumping the queue and clamoring to get the needle. Charlie thought so many vaccinations over the years has conditioned us to accept the WHO declarations.

Every time there was a WHO declaration of a pandemic, the big multi-national drug companies salivated at their corporate mouths. And the people, now conditioned to accept whatever they were told, considered the latest needle their saviour. The “news” propaganda machines also worked overtime every time a pandemic was declared and the people lined up to get the needle. After all, the vaccine was FREE they were told by the corporate media. Of course this was a big lie, because the taxpayers everywhere paid for this “free” vaccine.

The vaccines were “safe” the people were told, and everybody wanted to be safe. Safety was now a WHO needle. Some rebellious people had complained they did not trust the WHO about the vaccinations, but they were classed as a danger to society and unpatriotic. Many were shamed into acceptance or reported to the Human Rights Commissions for endangering the rights of others.

Some others had fled into the hills to escape the WHO but were tracked down because they were already chipped and numbered. There was no escape from the WHO. Charlie had thought of escaping, but where could he go? The land was a peaceful prison. To flee the country needed a passport and every passport had to be stamped as having the latest WHO needle and the WHO controlled most of the “free” world. This really needled Charlie and was causing him to think that he was a prisoner of the system.

Stephen J. Gray
October 27, 2009.