Friday, March 26, 2010

The Return of the Alien (Part 2)

More from the Alien, written some time ago. SJG.

The Return of the Alien (Part 2)
By Stephen J. Gray

I am beginning to feel quite at home on planet earth. We were wrong to think that “little green men” and women only existed in our outer space community. They are here on earth. Every day another politician or one of the “eminently knowledgeable persons” on earth proclaim that they are totally “green men and women.” The word green is everywhere and on everybody’s tongue.

Usually people here say to you “have a nice day.” But, the other day I encountered a person who said to me, “have a nice green day.” To which I replied: “You are Dr. Suzuki, I presume?” “No,” he replied. “But, he is my green idol. I am a singer.” To which I replied, “You must be that chap who sings that lovely song: The green, green grass of home. “No.” he said. “But, I like grass.” Then he strode away laughing at some kind of joke only he knew about.

I thought to myself, what is the joke and why is he laughing? I am not aware that humans like grass. Then it dawned upon me, I had met a green dope smoker, a marijuana man, who was on his daily high and a user of this green plant.

Meanwhile, all across this “green” and beautiful land, the green politicians are distributing millions of “green dollars” to “save” mother earth. These millions come from the people’s tax monies. It appears there is plenty of money for “going green” but not very much money for the healthcare of people. People are treated as cows to be milked, except when the politicians are in an election campaign. Then they bribe the people with their own money in the hope of getting elected. Then once elected they milk the people again, and most of their political promises turn out to be lies. Still, it is a “good” system and the people get used, and used to it. This is known as political subjugation or being beaten after the ballot.

Some of the people accept their servitude with servile sincerity, and some even praise these political “green men and women” who lord it over them. These people could be called green masochists or grateful greenies. These grateful greenies do not mind being taxed to the max and the green politicians are so happy that they have these green “useful idiots” amongst the population.

In other news, the population in another country called the Unnatural Kingdom (UK) have been told by their political “leaders” that they will be paying a “green miles” tax if they travel by air. This could be known as the “airing of the green.” Though I hear some in the Unnatural Kingdom (UK) are calling it: “More political pollution from political asses.”

Anyway, these political green asses are in control and their emissions are choking the people. The people are being greened into submission by these little political “green men.”

In fact, one green politician in the Unnatural Kingdom (UK) has called for a green “new world order” to “address climate change.” Though some people are saying the only change needed is to get rid of nutty politicians. And another green political leader in the Unnatural Kingdom (UK) was reported to have “compared the fight against climate change to the battle against fascism.”

Meanwhile, in other Unnatural Kingdom (UK) news it is reported that: “Four-year-olds will get gay fairytales at school” and another U.K news report states that, Unnatural Kingdom “…scientists will be allowed to create part-human, part-animal embryos for research…”

This Unnatural Kingdom (UK) is really going to the dogs or should that be man-dogs now that they are about to “create part-human, part-animal” life.

Life here on earth is getting loonier and loonier, madness has become a virtue and sanity a vice. I am inclined to think there must be a green virus here eating the brain cells of the so-called rulers. This concludes my second report. Till next time I am your faithful alien servant.

A.N. Alien.

Stephen J. Gray
March 14, 2007.