Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blatant Discrimination at University Of Calgary

Universities are supposed to be bastions of free speech and free expression. Yet, it appears that this is not so at the University of Calgary. The university had threatened to expel some pro-life students for daring to show the truth about abortion. Yet, the future boss of the University, who takes over July 1, 2010, is quoted as saying she believes in the following:

"Active engagement with students, faculty and the broader community. Openness and inclusiveness, these are the promises I make to you today. And I will seek it from all members of the university family…” (Calgary Herald, March 25, 2010).

It sounds very nice doesn’t it? I wonder if she has noticed that the university she is going to be head of is not practicing “openness and inclusiveness” to its pro-life students? One wonders, are these students not part of the “university family?” In fact, these pro-life students might be expelled for having the courage to show the atrocities committed by abortionists. Still, the University of Calgary is a research facility, and one wonders what their "research” shows on the dismembering and cutting to pieces of the human life attacked and destroyed in an abortion. Have they done any?

Notably, the university also receives big tax-payers dollars in grants, and the interim president is quoted as saying this:

“Today’s announcement is another example of the Government of Canada’s strong support for research and a recognition of the important role universities play in driving the economy through innovation and a highly trained work force,” said Dr. Warren Veale, interim President, University of Calgary. “Programs such as the Canada Research Chairs program are critical to ensuring the University of Calgary continues to be among the country’s leading research-intensive institutions” (

Yeah sure, the university is a “among the country’s leading research-intensive institutions.” Yet, this same university is attempting to suppress the truthful research shown in gory pictures of the slaughter of innocent lives. Surely this is an “important role” in exposing what is happening in our society today. Yet, the university wants to censor this information. Which makes one wonder, what are they afraid of? Could it be that this heinous crime of abortion has been covered up for so long that even the “institutions of higher learning” are part of the cover-up?

It is appalling that we are seeing these courageous young students being terrorized and threatened with their careers being ruined all because U of C cannot stand the atrocity of abortion being exposed for what it is: the murderous killing of unborn children in the womb, who have no voice to speak out for them. Now the university is attempting to silence the voices of the pro-life students. This is blatant discrimination, and I believe there should be charges laid against the university.

Stephen J. Gray
April 22, 2010.

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