Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Satire: For Immediate Release: Class Action Suit Launched By Mob Families

We the legitimate crime families of the underworld are today launching this class action suit against the authorities.  It has come to our notice that certain banks and financial institutions have been engaged in money laundering and financing terrorism. None of these treasonous money launderers have gone to jail. Instead, they are still pursuing their careers in the financial world. Some of them have been known to advise governments and even finance election campaigns.  Something is very rotten in the system of justice when the aforementioned financial criminals can flaunt their freedom to loot, pillage and plunder.

Meanwhile, honest criminals in our mob families have done jail time and some are still in jail in maximum security prisons for the same offences of these “respectable bankers” who are still free. What is going on, we have to ask? Whatever happened to the level playing field and all being equal under the law? Have those in charge become the real  “mob family”? Are honest criminals now subject to discrimination? Does the government show favour to financial criminals, too powerful to go to jail? Has the government become corrupted? 

We respectfully ask these questions and hope someone in authority will answer our concerns. In the meantime, this mob family are launching this class action suit for Two Billion Dollars for unfair prison sentences, unfair drug convictions, and unfair discrimination. After all, if “respectable” financial criminals do not go to jail, why should members of our Mob Families be incarcerated?

Yours very truly,
Spokesperson and honest criminal and head Mob Boss presently residing in a maximum security prison for drug offences and money laundering.

Stephen J. Gray
January 5, 2013.

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