Monday, November 18, 2013

Censored TV (CTV) Covers up the Slaughtered Victims

One can see and read in the media about the slaughtered victims of wars, genocide, bomb blasts and numerous other atrocities. But when it comes to the slaughter of the innocents by abortion, media censorship takes place.  Such was the case by Censored TV (CTV) recently in Chilliwack, B.C. [1]

Some courageous young people in Chilliwack were distributing postcards door to door in Chilliwack, showing the heinous atrocity of abortion alongside a photo of a Rwandan genocide victim. CTV covered up the grisly abortion photo.

A few people complained about the postcards and one woman was quoted as saying,

“There ought to be a bylaw, or a fine,” said Mallory, who says she’s just lucky she got to the photo before her children. “It was gruesome, gory and violent. These images could be very damaging to young kids.” CTV News, November 16, 2013. [1]

One can respect this woman’s right to free speech but what does she think is happening in Canada’s abortuaries?  The killings are “gruesome, gory and violent.” Over 100,000 innocent lives are slaughtered yearly in lawless Canada by abortionists; this is certainly “very damaging” to the innocent victims who are cut to pieces, decapitated whose body parts are suctioned out. Yet this lady believes “there ought to be a bylaw, or a fine” for showing the truth of what is happening in a depraved Canada, a country that has no law on abortion and sanctions infanticide. [2]

The Censored TV (CTV) article goes on to say, “Mallory said she had talked to a variety of people in her neighbourhood who were turned off by the postcard...” Which surely must be true, for what decent person would not be “turned off” by what is happening within the blood-soaked walls of Canada’s abortion chambers?  Still, it would be nice if those who object to the truth being shown in Canada would address their righteous indignation to those who are carrying out and supporting these gory atrocities under the banner of “choice.”

Still, maybe one day the media and Censored TV (CTV) will start doing what they are supposed to be doing: “Searching for Truth” and get around to showing the bodies of the innocent victims that they have covered up for so long. Then perhaps this uncivilized country called Canada will pass a law protecting the most vulnerable in our society today, the pre-born child in the womb, and pro-abortion propaganda from the media will finally be

Stephen J. Gray
November 18, 2013.


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