Thursday, December 19, 2013

“Happy Holidays” from Nonsenseland

Nonsenseland was living up to its name and consistent in its nonsense even though it was the Christmas season; oops, I mean Happy Holidays time. Nonsenseland’s Parliament had shut down for its holidays. (No proroguing was needed for this escape by the great leader because this was bona fide vacation time.) Some cynics were saying they were on holiday all the time at taxpayers’ expense. Anyway, perhaps it was good that the honourable politicians were having a break, for it seemed tempers were getting short amongst some of the ruling political elite. It seemed one honourable member had told another honourable member to "shut the f*** up..." [1] Not a very nice remark from a supposedly “family friendly” government. Still, this was Nonsenseland [2] where obscene parades of nakedness were allowed, so obscene language was just another sideshow and perfectly “normal.”

Anyway, it seemed the foul epithet had been used against one honourable member who had criticized a buddy of the other honourable member who had admitted to using crack cocaine. This had caused the honourable member to momentarily crack up by using obscene language against the critic of his buddy. In fact, another honourable member was quoted as saying, "I thought they might come to blows,...” Still, this was not the only ugly incident in the House of Power; it was reported that another honourable member had called another honourable member a "bitch," though he did later apologize. Still, this is the sorry state of Nonsenseland and that’s why it is so aptly named. Then another honourable member was asked about child poverty and reportedly said, “Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s child? I don’t think so.” [3] But, as I said earlier, this is a “family friendly” government and who would argue with that in Nonsenseland?

 Meanwhile, in another province of the land, the smiling Premier wants to allow little kids into pubs [4] where their parents are drinking. Some cynics were asking could this suggestion by the Premier be called “drunk with political power” or another sign of “wisdom” in Nonsenseland?

Anyway, this is the Christmas Season; oops, I mean Happy Holidays time in the land of “equality” and “human rights.” So all the best from Nonsenseland, where nonsense is a Charter “value.” 

Stephen J. Gray
December 19,2013.


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