Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Satire: Setting the World on Fire, Then Putting out the Fire (A respected leading member of the New World Order (NWO) talks to his inner circle)

We are gathered here today in our protected and private safe haven to get an update on our progress. Things are going well. The fiery wars we started under the slogan “responsibility to protect” have created chaos and civil wars. This has resulted in the rise of various terrorist groups who resent their children being contaminated by depleted uranium, and slaughtered. Their cities and countries were demolished and hundreds of thousands of civilians are dead, all done by us in the name of destroying “weapons of mass destruction” and in the name of a “humanitarian crisis.” Our humanitarian bombings and work has also resulted in millions of refugees’ poverty and disease. The outcome of all this has been that these terrorists are now threatening our civilian populations and our cities and our world. What in the name of all that is good is this world coming too? [Much laughter ensues and some hear-hears are heard. The respected speaker continues.] This is the thanks we get for bringing democracy, rule of law and human rights to these countries.

Still, these threats by the terrorists suitably publicized by our corporate-owned media have scared the people in our society and they are clamouring for protection. Which of course we will arrange for them by suspending their civil liberties, spying on them, reading their emails, listening in to their conversations and monitoring their every move.  These measures will be suitably marketed and promoted by our propaganda pushers in the corporate media, most of which we own anyway. I must say our corporate owned media have been very good in their reporting on these ungrateful terrorists. The public has not been told that we are also funding and training this enemy, and snippets of this information leaking out has been suitably suppressed. Instead they are told a coalition has been formed to fight the terrorists and bomb them into oblivion. This coalition is made up of allies, some of whom also funded the terrorists, so you see that old saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” really means, “All is fair in love and war.” Just as long as we don’t have to fight in the war, and I emphasize we [More laughter takes place and a burst of applause also takes place. The speaker continues.]

We should also take pride in all we have achieved. These wars we planned and started have resulted in massive profits for the war industry, oops I mean the defence industry which most of us hold large shares in. We also planned a coup in another big country recently. The end result was another civil war and more good business for the weapons industry in which, as I said earlier, we also have a big stake.  I must also say we are adept at selling weapons, tear gas, and missiles to dictators, and we also bank their money for them. Then when we unseat them for another friendly dictator we have their money in our banks. It cannot get any sweeter than that can it? The puppet politicians who we advise also get to bask in the limelight and talk about “national security” and “global security” and hopefully get re-elected on a war platform of saving society from the terrorists we helped fund. All in all, it’s a win-win situation for us all, as we plan our next false flag to keep the masses in subjection.

In closing, I must say that starting fires around the world, then helping to put them out makes me think of a slogan for us: How does, “ Respectable  Arsonists R Us” sound? [A huge burst of applause and laughter takes place to a standing ovation and the respected leading member of the NWO says the following] “God bless us all as we plan humanity’s future.”

Stephen J. Gray
September 23, 2014.

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