Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Floor - crossers Charter

[Note: I wrote the article below in 2006.]

Preamble: This Charter has 10 main points but can be added to as circumstances warrant. These points are:

1 All floor crossers must hold an elected position and have been elected under any political parties banner.

2 All floor crossers must be adept in lying to their constituents who believed they were electing her/him under their party banner.

3 All floor crossers will explain away their treachery by saying they made a “principled decision.”

4 All floor crossers will say they can do more for the people they double crossed by saying a cabinet position in the ruling party is worth it. (You bet it is)

5 All floor crossers will say they are “flabbergasted” at the criticism they are receiving for “doing the right thing.”

6 All floor crossers will be entitled to get help from “ethical” and “principled” corporate and moneyed elites who will say: “The floor crossers made a wonderful move.”

7 All floor crossers will be described by some as: “doing it for the sake of the country”

8 All floor crossers will be entitled to criticize other floor crossers now on the losing side.

9 All floor crossers on the losing side will be entitled to re-cross the floor when a convenient offer is made to them. These offers must be a cabinet position or some other post worthy of their floor crossing talents and with increased remuneration.

10 All floor crossers will receive advice from old political prostitutes oops I mean political pros. who have experience in chicanery, deceit and distortion. 

Addendum to the Floor crossers Charter:

It is to be noted that all floor crossers will receive much criticism from the party they just left and the people who voted for them.  Their new party who plotted the double cross with them, will welcome them with open arms and perhaps kisses, this being a gender neutral society. Many people of their “new” party who once hated their guts will now defend their “morals,” “ethics,” and “principles” in doing what they did. Still. the question must be asked: What does this say about the, “morals,” “ethics,” and “principles” of the people now praising the floor crossers?  Still, these people will go to the wall to defend the floor crossers because their party is now in power, and power has no principles. To those who say floor crossers are hypocrites, the floor crossers can reply, “We are joining a party of hypocrites, so why are you picking on us? Our “new” party also ditched their principles.”

“Principled” people and supporters of the “new” party in power will be annoyed and upset at any writings critical of floor crossers because now they are in their party. Any critics will be described as “partisan zealots.” Other criticism will be described as being, “superficial” and “over the top” and the floor crossers will be told to “hang in there.” Floor crossers have not only achieved “respectability,” but respectable people now supporting them, have now become like them, “ethically challenged.”  But, that’s what floor crossing does. It taints the so-called “democratic” process. Destroys a persons credibility and the credibility of those who support the floor crossing. It makes a mockery of the elected process and the electors who voted for the party of their choice. And finally it “legitimizes” lying, cheating and electoral fraud and turns it into a “virtue.” That’s why we need to have a Floor - crossers Charter.

Stephen J. Gray
February 15, 2006 [Posted December 17, 2014.]