Friday, January 30, 2015

Is Stephen Harper a Hypocrite on Terrorism?

“The expected new powers would allow CSIS agents to obtain court orders to:
block any financial transactions linked to suspected terrorist activity;
intercept shipments of Canadian-made equipment or material to Canadian individuals or groups that could be used in an attack;...” Chris Hall, CBC News, January 29/30, 2015.

The “new powers” quoted above sound good but there is no mention by the Harper government of penalizing or jailing “allies” who have reportedly funded terrorism or are selling arms to terrorists who are supposed to be “allies.”

“Lest we forget, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, have been financing and training the ISIL terrorists on behalf of the United States.  Israel is harbouring the Islamic State in the Golan Heights, NATO in liaison with the Turkish high command has since March 2011 been involved in coordinating the recruitment of  the jihadist fighters dispatched to Syria. Moreover, the ISIL brigades are integrated by Western special forces and military advisers....” [1] Prof Michael Chossudovsky
Global Research, September 25, 2014.

“US President Barack Obama’s authorization of airstrikes on ISIS targets in Iraq serves as an opportunity to remind ourselves which countries are bankrolling the deadly terror group.
The answer: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey and Qatar – three of the United States’ biggest allies in the region.”

One wonders, what does Mr. Harper think about all this? His “allies” are reportedly “bankrolling the deadly terror group.” And arms have also been sold to Saudi Arabia which has been reportedly been “financing and training the ISIL terrorists”

“The latest arms deal between Canada and Saudi Arabia exposes the ideological hypocrisy that underpins the Canadian Conservative Party's present foreign and trade policy.
The Ontario-based General Dynamics Land Systems (a subsidiary of the Virginia-based aerospace and defence company, General Dynamics) outbid Germany and France to win a US$10bn deal to export military hardware to Saudi Arabia, with a poor human rights record.”

Still, Mr. Harper likes to sound off on human rights, don’t laugh when you read his words below:
“The government of Canada has always stood with those who defend freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law,” Stephen Harper

Is our “great leader” a bit of a joker? Maybe, he thinks we believe his “political sermons?” Which no doubt, some of his “true believers” do.

Anyway, that old saying surely holds true: “There are none so blind as those who will not see” or cannot see what is happening. Still, the monopoly corporate media is mostly silent on the connections to terrorism of Harper’s “allies.” Even the “war correspondents” at the Propaganda Post, oops, I mean the National Post are strangely silent on some of the treacherous “allies” in the war coalition some of whom could be called war criminals.

And Canadian troops are stationed in Kuwait a country that reportedly funds “terrorist groups.”
“Our ally Kuwait has become the epicenter of fundraising for terrorist groups in Syria.”

It is obvious, based on the evidence available that there appears to be something very evil happening. So called “allies” are reportedly in bed with terrorists and have even financed, supported and trained this “enemy” they are supposed to be fighting.  Yet, Stephen Harper says nothing about this. Surely, his billion dollar “spy agency” has told him what is going on? Which leads me to ask the question: Is Stephen Harper a Hypocrite on Terrorism?

“Our allies are up to their necks in complicity with terrorism, but as long as there is money to be made and weapons to sell, our rulers’ lips will remain stubbornly sealed.” Owen Jones, the Guardian, U.K. August 31, 2014.

Stephen J. Gray
January 30, 2015.

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