Sunday, February 15, 2015

Does Stephen Harper Have the Courage to Use the Not-withstanding Clause?

“Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott is urging federal party leaders to use the Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ notwithstanding clause to delay implementation of the Supreme Court’s decision on physician-assisted death....” Althia Raj, Huffington Post, February 10, 2015.

The not-withstanding clause was inserted into the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a safeguard, against judges running amok. I believe it is now imperative that it be used to protect not only the vulnerable in this country, but everybody. This “legalized” killing decision [1] by the Supreme Court of Canada is surely an attack on human life and unworthy of being called, “justice at work.”  If nine judges can impose a decision that gives license to killing, then surely we have reached the depths of depravity. This is not the rule of law; this is the rule of the licentious. Therefore, I believe the only solution to this unethical judicial junk is to use the not-withstanding clause. P.M., Stephen Harper, appointed the majority of the judges who imposed this obscene decision on the country; therefore, it is incumbent upon him to use the not-withstanding clause to bring some sanity back to this country.

“This is indisputably Harper’s court. He appointed seven of the nine judges....If the court more and more resembles a runaway train, it is Harper’s train, as it will be Harper’s wreck.” Andrew Coyne, National Post, February 13, 2015.

Stephen Harper was elected with high hopes for this country after the years of Liberal rule. Excuses for Harper were constantly made by his true believers, “that people must wait until he gets a majority.” [2] Well, he got his majority and what has changed?  This is a man who along with a number of other “leaders” and MPs does not even want to discuss when human life begins. [3] [4]

Now we are seeing what is to be an attack on born human lives, the vulnerable, the disabled, the fit and the unfit, the wanted and the unwanted are now at risk. We have graduated from killing the pre-born child in the womb to the presently born. I wonder if Mr. Harper will deign to speak out on this immoral ruling! So far I have not seen or heard any words that state our leader has commented on the hellish Supreme Court Decision that opens the Canadian gates of death even wider.

Still. Mr. Harper has spoken out in the past about “dead ducks” [5] so we should be thankful about that. So here’s hoping, he will speak out on this abominable Supreme Court Decision on assisted killing. And that he will have the courage to use the Not-withstanding Clause to restore democracy, sanity and decency to this country.

“I believe very strongly that in this world you have to have values…” - Stephen Harper (CBC News, February 11, 2012)   ???????? Really ?

Stephen J. Gray
February 15, 2015.