Saturday, January 23, 2016

Is This An Extravaganza of Excess and Evil?

“War criminals” attend, as do arms dealers and money launderers. Also represented are the biggest head choppers in the world, as are killers of children. Financiers of death and destruction were well represented too, as were many governments, dictators, despots and “democratic” political leaders. Some of these political “leaders” at this gathering of the “great” and greedy were hoping to get “investments” in their countries from the manipulators of money.
The money system was controlled by the money changers, and some cynics wondered if Jesus were alive today, would he use a powerful cleansing solution, instead of a whip to remove these worshippers of Mammon? Who are polluting and desecrating the temple of planet earth that He created.

Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
— Matthew 6:19–21,24 (KJV)

The planet has become a hell on earth for many of its inhabitants. Endless wars are waging around the world. Millions of people are in refugee camps. (If they are “lucky”) Millions of people are dead, and others are wandering the earth seeking sanctuary from the “business of Satanic evil.”

Has evil become “good”? Is surely a question that needs to be asked? An example of the work of evil is the plight of the refugees landing on the shores of the European Union (EU). These helpless and dispossessed people have been attacked, pilloried, beaten and abused. [1]
 What was their crime? Their crime was daring to arrive on the shores of countries that are bombing their countries in illegal wars. Now some of these countries in the E.U. are complaining or concerned about “migrants.” The refugees they helped create. [1a] [1b]

“EU leaders use Davos economic summit to voice concern at numbers of migrants...” The Guardian U.K. January21, 2016.

 Some of these creators of hell on earth are saying they are “improving the state of the world.” Buy hey, when did perpetrators of evil ever admit to being evil? Therefore, they attempt to make their depredations sound “good.”
“Woe to those who call evil good” (Isaiah 5:20).

Ordinary people have to start speaking out, because if they are silent these atrocities will continue. People have to start asking themselves: Why are we allowing some of these warmongering political and financial elites to send our sons and daughters to fight these endless wars? Massive bloodstained profits are being made from all the carnage by corporate cannibals, who never fight. But, they have been known to arm, finance and train the enemy they are supposedly against.

“While, undeniably, the Islamic State has shown itself beyond the pale with its beheading of innocents and its massacres of soldiers who have surrendered, let us not forget that our allies abetted these monsters,...” Patrick Buchanan, September 26, 2014. “A Basket of Snakes”

“Last year the chiefs of staff of the US, Britain, France, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey met in Jordan; and a report by UAE's newspaper... also mentions the existence of a secret command center in Jordan which is staffed by military officials from 14 Western and Arab countries including Israel. This command center coordinates the operations of the rebels (jihadis) in southern Syria; while the operations of the jihadis in northern Syria are coordinated by similar command centers and bases in Turkey....” Nauman Sadiq, Asia Times, September 22, 2014.

The evidence and the excesses of evil is available for all to see. Unfortunately most of the corporate monopoly media [2] seems to be blind and unable to expose the treachery of these war criminals at large. [3] Instead they write and babble bullsh-t. And they can also be seen interviewing “experts” from “think tanks,” “war colleges,” and other purveyors of propaganda to bolster their case for endless wars that their corporate masters support.

In conclusion, I believe these extravaganzas of excess and evil will continue to be obscene productions on the “world stage” along with all the powerful participants. The ordinary people will continue to be fed daily doses of “news” of “the star power” that is supposedly “improving the state of the world.”  The politicians of the world attending these glitzy gatherings should be bringing in legislation to curb these offshore tax havens of the predatory elites. Instead they consort with them using taxpayers’ monies and bring along their entourages as well. Meanwhile, all the ordinary people of this planet will continue to pay and pay and pay, and suffer and die from the actions of some, at these elitist gatherings of the greedy that worship Mammon and seek global control.

“Once the elites reach the point to control all the resources and the means of production, the model will change from capitalism to global feudalism.”

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” - Mark 8:36

GOD, give us men! A time like this demands
Strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands;
Men whom the lust of office does not kill;
Men whom the spoils of office can not buy;
Men who possess opinions and a will;
Men who have honor; men who will not lie;
Men who can stand before a demagogue
And damn his treacherous flatteries without winking!
Tall men, sun-crowned, who live above the fog
In public duty, and in private thinking;
For while the rabble, with their thumb-worn creeds,
Their large professions and their little deeds,
Mingle in selfish strife, lo! Freedom weeps,
Wrong rules the land and waiting Justice sleeps.
Josiah Gilbert Holland

Stephen J. Gray
January 23, 2016.


Quotes of Interest:
“Pre-Davos report shows how 1% now own more than rest of us combined.
Runaway inequality has created a world where 62 people own as much as the poorest half of the world's population, according to an Oxfam report published today ahead of the annual gathering of the world's financial and political elites in Davos....
Nine out of ten WEF corporate partners have a presence in at least one tax haven and it is estimated that tax dodging by multinational corporations costs developing countries at least $100billion every year. Corporate investment in tax havens increased almost quadrupled between 2000 and 2014.” Oxfam January 18, 2016.
“This [world economic] forum was founded in 1971, but did not become a major force until after the Cold War ended. It then became a great social whirl based on the illusion of a harmonious world conjured up by transnational business elites under the rubric of ‘globalization.’ Its real purpose, however, is to use private wealth to corrupt national leaders into betraying the interests of their people” (William R. Hawkins … Senior Fellow for National Security Studies at the U.S. Business and Industry Council).  February 01, 2006
“Ordinary folk trust Davos Man no more than they would a lobbyist for the Worldwide Federation of Weasels.” The Economist, January 26, 2013.
“Davos people control virtually all international institutions, many of the world’s governments, and the bulk of the world’s economic and military capabilities.” - Samuel P. Huntington

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