Monday, May 30, 2016

Are There Lunatics Loose?

Are there lunatics loose in the house on the hill?
They are going to approve a Bill to Kill
This will become the “law” of the land
Does power and madness go hand in hand?

The legislators took their orders from unelected judges
Then hurried and scurried to make obscene pledges
They would enforce them with all of the their might
To make “legalized killing” declared a “right”

The “right to life” is engraved in the land’s Charter
There is no right to kill, does that really matter?
Whatever unelected judges say is accepted as “precision”
They can twist words and language, to make a “landmark decision”

Is this a land of dangerous nonsense proscribed into “law”?
Should these appointed judges be held in awe?
They can say and imagine anything they want to see
And that is how The Charter became a “living tree”

They can also “read in” words not in the Charter
Do the masses not understand, judges are “smarter”?
Do they have politicians and others legally seduced?
Are there lunatics on the hill, and running loose?

Stephen J. Gray
May 30, 2016.

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