Friday, March 3, 2017

Is Blaming Russia a Diversion, Designed to Hide the Treachery of Western War Criminals?

 “Russia is yet again being singled out for political reasons, even though Moscow and Washington are not at war. The evidence that Vladimir Putin has been somehow interfering in U.S. politics is definitely on the thin side and apparently not about to get any better. And fooling with Russia can be dangerous as it is the only country on earth that can destroy the United States. Nevertheless, in spite of that, there are many in the Democratic Party and the media who would like to make Russia something like a permanent enemy, to sustain the warfare state while also having a punching bag that can be blamed for whatever else might be going wrong. “ Philip Giraldi, March 3, 2017.

[A must listen video below]
Intel community trying to undermine Trump's presidency?

Make no mistake “the warfare state” is big business and a blood soaked money machine for the profiteers of destruction and death that costs taxpayers trillions.

An article, headlined: “Trump and the Six-Trillion-Dollar Question” by Andrew J. Bacevich, March 2, 2017, stated:
 “The concept of ‘spending’ suggests an exchange, something of value offered in return for acquiring an item of like value. The nation—citizens, the body politic—did not ‘spend’ six trillion dollars on misbegotten Middle East wars. A couple dozen officials within the executive branch made the requisite decisions, those decisions ratified by compliant members of Congress.”

The article went on to state:
“There will be no inquiry into the misjudgments and failures that have saddled future generations with a six-trillion-dollar bill. There will be no postmortem. Except at the most trivial level, there will be no learning. There will, however, be more war....”

War and “more war” could be the agenda of those in power. Not satisfied with the carnage they already have created, their lust for blood continues and Russia is their next enemy. NATO has already surrounded Russia but claims Russia is the “aggressor.” Will these western maniacs of militarism start a nuclear war?

And of course we know, based on overwhelming evidence that their earlier wars have resulted in, “Millions... dead, millions are refugees, their countries invaded and destroyed, because of an evil plot by people in positions of power....” [see more at link below]

None of this plotting by war criminals past and present is reported in the corporate media. Instead the media along with many politicians and the establishment elites are all screaming Russia is the problem. When in fact there are war criminals in our midst that have opened the gates of hell.

And they have “Plenty of Money for Endless War”

I believe what we are seeing daily is a dirty diversion designed to hide the treachery of western war criminals. And this diversion is aided and abetted by the corporate media.
Meanwhile,  “The war criminals are free to continue their illegal criminal operations and use the military of their countries as obedient hit men, conditioned to obey orders while “destroying  sovereign countries,” cities, and homes in “illegal” wars. And all this mayhem and murder is paid for by taxpayer dollars. But, what is even worse, these powerful criminals are “promoting and financing terrorism,” and they “arm” the terrorists they are supposedly fighting. Yet, these are the same powerful hypocrites who pass laws against terrorism, while consorting with “allies” who support terrorists.”

“Representative Tulsi Gabbard called again for the US to stop aiding terrorists like Al-Qaeda and ISIS, while her guest at the presidential address to Congress, a Kurdish refugee activist, called for an end to the US policy of ‘regime change in Syria.’” 1 Mar, 2017.

Meanwhile, these political, media, and elitist villains continue to ‘Blame Putin.”

The war criminals are free and spreading bloody terror
And their dirty propaganda says Putin is an “aggressor”
These evil plotters of death and destruction
Should be in jail for their abominable actions
But, “Blame it on Putin”...

Stephen J. Gray
March 3, 2017.

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