Monday, June 5, 2017

The Evil Terrorists and The “Good” Terrorists

“The British government actually granted permission for its citizens of Libyan background to travel to Libya and fight alongside al-Qaeda to overthrow Gaddafi. After months of battle and indoctrination, it then welcomed these radicalized citizens back to the UK. And we are supposed to be surprised and shocked that they attack? ...The real problem is that both Washington and London are more interested in regime change overseas than any blowback that might come to the rest of us back home. They just do not care about the price we pay for their foreign policy actions.”
Ron Paul, May 28, 2017.

Evil terrorists slaughter innocent people in a number of cities. Their latest atrocities in the western world have been in Manchester and London. People are horrified that these terrible happenings have come to their peaceful country.

Meanwhile, the “good” terrorists have been bombing, killing, maiming and setting a number of countries on fire in illegal wars. They are: “The War Arsonists.”

Millions are dead, millions are refugees, and thousands are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea trying to escape the carnage created by the “good” terrorists. They are: “The Victims of Well Dressed War Criminals.”

“Do we really believe we are fighting terrorism by terrorizing innocent civilians overseas? How long until we accept that ‘collateral damage’ is just another word for ‘murder’”? Ron Paul, May 28, 2017.

The war criminals/the “good” terrorists have reportedly been helping the evil terrorists. The “good” terrorists sell weapons to “allies” that are reportedly funding the evil terrorists. These treasonous actions are supposed to be illegal.

“Under U.S. law it is illegal for any American to provide money or assistance to al-Qaeda, ISIS or other terrorist groups. If you or I gave money, weapons or support to al-Qaeda or ISIS, we would be thrown in jail. Yet the U.S. government has been violating this law for years, quietly supporting allies and partners of al-Qaeda, ISIL, Jabhat Fateh al Sham and other terrorist groups with money, weapons, and intelligence support, in their fight to overthrow the Syrian government.[i]... Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, December 8, 2016,Press Release.

“Known and documented, Saudi Arabia has played a key strategic role in promoting and financing terrorism on behalf of Washington. Moreover, Saudi weapons purchases from the US and Canada are also being used to equip and arm various ‘opposition’ rebel groups in Syria including the ISIL and Al Nusrah.”
Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, March 02, 2016
Global Research 22 December 2015

Syria is not the only country to be attacked by the “good” terrorists. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and other countries never invaded us. Yet, they have been targeted by the “good” terrorists, war machine called NATO. In fact, “The War Gangs and War Criminals of NATO” met in Brussels recently.

The members of NATO, in their meeting reportedly discussed terrorism. They should know all about the evil terrorists, since there is evidence that some of their members and “allies” have been funding, arming and training evil terrorists.

“While, undeniably, the Islamic State has shown itself beyond the pale with its beheading of innocents and its massacres of soldiers who have surrendered, let us not forget that our allies abetted these monsters,...” Patrick Buchanan, September 26, 2014. “A Basket of Snakes”

“With their command and control centre based in Istanbul, Turkey, military supplies from Saudi Arabia and Qatar in particular were transported by Turkish intelligence to the border for rebel acquisition. CIA operatives along with Israeli and Jordanian commandos were also training FSA rebels on the Jordanian-Syrian border with anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. In addition, other reports show that British and French military were also involved in these secret training programmes. It appears that the same FSA rebels receiving this elite training went straight into ISIS – last month one ISIS commander, Abu Yusaf, said, ‘Many of the FSA people who the west has trained are actually joining us.’” Nafeez Ahmed

“Elements of al-Qaeda and other Islamic extremist groups were known to be key players in the NATO-backed uprising in Libya from the beginning, but now it appears that prominent Jihadists and terrorists are practically leading the revolution with Western support.” Alex Newman, The New American August 30, 2011.

“Last year the chiefs of staff of the US, Britain, France, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey met in Jordan; and a report by UAE's newspaper... also mentions the existence of a secret command center in Jordan which is staffed by military officials from 14 Western and Arab countries including Israel. This command center coordinates the operations of the rebels (jihadis) in southern Syria; while the operations of the jihadis in northern Syria are coordinated by similar command centers and bases in Turkey....”

“Then there is Turkey, an actual NATO member,... Turkey has allowed ISIS to be replenished by allowing its own territory to be used as a transit zone for jihadist volunteers....” - Scott McConnell, October 15, 2014.

I believe the system has become totally corrupted. The same people who parrot the words “rule of law” are according to numerous reports working hand in glove with terrorists. They even pass “laws” against terrorism, while at the same time consorting with terrorists. I guess “our hypocrite leaders” are above the law?

In closing, innocent people around the world are being attacked, slaughtered and maimed by evil terrorists. Nobody is safe and nothing is sacred. Meanwhile, the “good” terrorists continue their diabolical depredations in a number of countries, all the time claiming to, “fight terrorism” when there is evidence that they have been arming, training and supporting evil terrorists. Is there anything more diabolical than that?

“The people who make wars, the people who reduce their fellows to slavery, the people who kill and torture and tell lies in the name of their sacred causes, the really evil people in a word—these are never the publicans and the sinners. No, they’re the virtuous, respectable men, who have the finest feelings, the best brains, the noblest ideals.” Aldous Huxley

Stephen J. Gray
June 5, 2017.

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