Friday, September 1, 2017

The Past and Present Ruling Scum

The past and present ruling scum
Are getting away with what they have done
Their wars on Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen too
Caused millions of deaths and refugees anew

Their media conspirators’ promote propaganda and “news”
And keep parroting their lies and hiding their abuse
They tell us, they are, “bringing democracy”
And we are fed daily diets of consistent hypocrisy

Is this what happens when war criminals rule?
Do these monsters believe, we, the people are fools?
They use our taxes to wage endless bloody wars
As they bomb and blitz a number of countries offshore

Weapons are supplied by profiteers of slaughter
The result is atrocities where blood flows like water
But hey, this is a “war business” albeit gory
Surely, this is a repulsive, and a sad, sad story?

The carnage created by these dealers in death                    
Has left this world in an unholy mess
Millions are homeless; their countries destroyed
Once they had homes and were mostly employed

Now those still alive, live in misery and despair
While the perpetrators are free, and really don’t care
This is what happens when justice is perverted and dumb
And in the bloody hands, of past and present ruling scum

Stephen J. Gray
September 1, 2017.

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