Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Tweetaholic

Is there a Tweetaholic in charge of the “free world”?
Could this twit of a tweeter get us all killed?
He is the kingpin and chief, of nuclear weapons
He says he will teach, some countries a lesson             

He tweets and he tweets about this and that
He tweets and tweets, about “tit for tat”
He tweets in the morning and tweets at night
He tweets when it’s dark and during daylight

This tweeter “supreme” is in charge of it all
Tweeting, and tweeting, to “build the wall”
He talks about eating “beautiful chocolate cake”
And fires 59 missiles: was that a deadly mistake?

Syria was the target of this illegal war crime
Some people were killed, was that just fine?
This powerful tweeter is “capable” of anything
Will a horrific nuclear war be his last mad fling?

Will he start a war with the country of Iran?
If he does, will the poop hit the fan?
Iran signed a deal, done in good faith
Will this tweeter do a double crossing, “about face”?

Should a Tweetaholic control the nuclear button?
Could he end this world, all of a sudden?
Are we all in danger: is this tweeter psychotic?
Are we in the hands of an unstable Tweetaholic?

Stephen J. Gray
October 14, 2017.