Friday, March 16, 2018

Do “Our Leaders” Kill and Attack People “Nicely”?

“Any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.”  John Donne

People and governments are rightly upset at the recent horrific attack in Salisbury, England by a “nerve agent.” The use of a chemical weapon on Russian “Double Agent” Sergei Skripal and his daughter has caused outrage around the world, as should any “attempted murder.” Meanwhile a number of western countries are blaming Russia.

This headline at says this: “France, Germany, US, UK say Salisbury incident a violation of UK’s territorial integrity by Russia” The article went on to say:
“A joint statement by the UK, US, France and Germany says the poisoning of ex-double agent Sergei Skripal was a violation of Britain’s sovereignty by Russia and was the first offensive use of a chemical agent since World War II.”  Published time: 15 Mar, 2018 12:58 Edited time: 16 Mar, 2018 08:19

Violation of the “sovereignty” of any country by criminal acts is a serious matter and a violation of international law. Yet, the “statement” by the countries above surely reeks of hypocrisy. These countries are members of NATO [1] and have been violating the sovereignty of a number of countries in illegal wars. Millions are slaughtered and dead, millions are refugees, thousands are maimed or handicapped, and their homes have been reduced to rubble by the actions of these heinous hypocrites and their fancy titles. [2]

Yemen is just one example where some NATO members have supplied the weapons and directed and re-fueled, the Saudi bombers that have pounded this unfortunate country. But hey, “our leaders” take part in actions that attack and kill people “nicely.”

This below by a doctor about Yemen:
“Over the last two days, we lost 15 people to cholera. Eight of them children. Over the past few months, I’ve seen and experienced things such as having to remove children as young as 5 months old, to 10 years old from under the rubble – most of whom came in chunks of flesh; whose heads had been detached from their bodies, or whose craniums had been completely emptied. I’ve seen the human body contorted and mangled in ways no nightmare can think up. In ways not even those of you who read the Bible’s descriptions of hell can think up. Whose limbs had been blown to shreds ; whose faces had become like masks. During a recent rescue effort, someone accidentally stepped on what used to be someone’s head, that reacted like a silicone mask. That was the extent of the damage caused by Saudi airstrikes bought mainly from the US and the UK. As a doctor, the human body is sacrosanct to me, as is life. Seeing all this for months has set me quite close to a mental breakdown, and I’m an adult with previous, similar experiences.” Adrian Rossi. Sanaa, Yemen, October 2, 2017... [3]

Now back to the “nerve agent” incident.
 An article at Global Research had this headline: “Double Agent Sergei Skripal – There’s More to This Story Than Meets the Eye”
The article went on to state:
“British security officials, however, have said the specific chemical used would have been difficult to obtain and could only have come from a state run or state-licensed laboratory.
“Nerve agents including Sarin and VX are manufactured by the British Government in Porton Down, just 8 miles from where Sergei Skripal was attacked and is the largest stock of deadly nerve agents and gases anywhere in Europe.”  True Publica
Global Research, March 12, 2018

Murder, killing and attacking innocent people is always a horrific crime and should be punished severely. But, I believe it is a bit rich to see these hyenas of hypocrisy in governments and the media going into frenzies of hate against Russia, about a crime that is, as yet, unproven. Yet, these are the same people that should be based on the evidence, charged with crimes against humanity for the plotting and planning of illegal wars. [4]

“The plotters of all this carnage, atrocities and gore
Are well dressed villains and political whores
They can be seen cavorting on the world stage
These evil criminals should be in a prison cage”...

Stephen J. Gray
March 16, 2018.


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