Monday, June 22, 2009

The “Great” O-Scam-a

The “great” O-scam-a arrived in a blaze of glory
Change was his only story
Clever words with no real meaning
Had the media in adulation screaming

One person in the media compared O-scam-a to a God
But, the media is notorious for being a fraud
Propaganda merchants beyond compare
They produce an abundance of hot air

Many of the masses were also overcome
Change was a magic word for some
O-scam-a spoke and many were fooled
Now the people will be ruled

“An empty vessel makes the most sound”
And the crowds bayed praise out loud
O-scam-a, O-scam-a our lord and master
But, others thought this guy was a disaster

But hey, at least he will bring change
And the peoples' lives he will arrange
They will pay for this political trauma
Because they elected the “great” O-scam-a

Stephen J. Gray
June 22, 2009.