Monday, June 15, 2009

Your Words Are Killing Me: An Imaginary Letter from An Unborn Child

If the child in the womb could share her thoughts on the horrific killing and dismembering of millions of her fellow innocents, this surely would be what she might say:

“Dear fellow human beings, I know there are some people out there who want to be ‘non-confrontational’ about my fellow little innocents being slaughtered by abortionists. They believe they have a ‘new,’ ‘wise,’ and ‘strategic’ approach to this heinous crime. Their words sound nice and reassuring. But, of course, they are not the ones being killed. Don’t they realize that there is nothing ‘compassionate’ about killing us? And if they are ‘not concerned with the law,’ (there is no law) or any law prohibiting abortion, then they should be. And so, these murderous atrocities perpetrated on we the innocent continue unabated in depraved acts of lawlessness.

“There are some in the judiciary who call the killings ‘terminations’ and advocate that an abortionist should be paid for his bloody slaughter. They even honored this butcher, with his country’s top award, and some even called him a ‘hero.’ Then there are some in the media who are supposedly ‘searching for truth,’ but when it comes to the awful truth of the abortion slaughter they hide the truth with lies like ‘freedom of choice’ to make it look like killing us is acceptable.

“And while there are some courageous souls who expose the atrocities committed against us, they are vilified and criticized by abortion supporters. There are others who say they are against abortion, yet they describe those who expose this horrific injustice as acting ‘confrontationally.’ My question to them and their strategists is this: If you are against the murderous slaughter of we the innocent unborn who have committed no crime, why are you against the showing of the gory atrocities visited upon us? Are you afraid to show the truth? Why would you send a confused signal by keeping the facts vague, just like abortion supporters do?

“We the innocents in the womb have no choice. We are carved up, cut to pieces, torn apart and some of us have even been born alive and left to die. So how can a ‘low key’ approach to abortion, without showing the evidence of the crime, be an ‘exciting strategy?’ The killing needs to be exposed. Our massacred, bloodied, dismembered bodies cry out for justice. And justice always tries to show in truthful words and deeds the horror that the victims experienced. If you really care about the awful slaughter perpetrated against us, have some courage and publish these horrific atrocities being committed against us. Politically correct pablum does not cut it (no pun intended). Nor does, as has happened in some pro-life circles, approval from a former politician whose credibility is questionable. And for those who have money to burn, instead of simply handing over money to the pro-abortion media who will only publish politically-correct ads, why don’t you publish the truth about this atrocity committed in the name of ‘choice’?”

An innocent unborn child hoping for justice, not for death by politically correct words

Note: See the killing of the innocents at:

Stephen J. Gray
June 15, 2009.