Friday, February 12, 2010

Abortion: Today’s Plague

Note: I wrote this over 9 years ago. SJG

"In the 1300’s, a form of bubonic plague called The Black Death destroyed a fourth of the population of Europe."( The World Book Encyclopedia )

We have our own plague today killings millions of lives worldwide. It is called abortion and it is being spread deliberately throughout the world. This plague could rightly be called today’s “final solution.”

It was the so called "advanced" countries, like the United States and Canada that made abortion "legitimate" in North America. Court decisions like Roe v Wade (1973) in the United States and the Morgentaler decision (1988) in Canada loosed this judicial plague upon the populace. Judges had now given credibility to the crimes of the abortionists. The child in the womb was considered a danger "to security of the person." The law had become a voice for lawbreakers. The plague dog of abortion was legally set loose and the killings began in greater numbers.

There are approximately 46 million abortions annually across the world.


There have been: " Over 40 million abortions in U.S. since 1973" (

There have been: 1,829,761 abortions in Canada from 1970 to 1995(

Since the Morgentaler decision in 1988 the abortion numbers continue to rise. The latest figures for Canada show there are over 100,000 abortions yearly.

An article in the Globe and Mail (Sept. 26) entitled, "Where have all the babies gone," said "Canada’s fertility rate hit a record low in 2000, driven down by the 10th straight annual decline in the number of births." It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to know where all the babies have gone. The article stated there were "327,882" births in the year 2000 and we know there are now over 100,000 abortions a year in Canada.

The problems from abortion are not limited to North America. Europe is also suffering from this plague of killing by choice.

"Today in seventeen European countries, there are more burials than births, more coffins than cradles."

Pat Buchanan in his book, "The Death Of The West" page 9.

Russia has a high incidence of abortion and "two of every three pregnancies in Russia are terminated before birth." (The Death of The West, page 18.)

Great Britain is another country with a declining population: " The English are not having enough children to reproduce themselves."

(syndicated columnist Paul Craig Roberts quoted in The Death Of The West, page19.)

According to legend, animals called Lemmings head to the sea and drown themselves in large numbers. We have become like the Lemmings. Only we head to the abortion chambers. We are committing societal mass murder by killing off our young.

This has resulted in a growing elderly population. Which will inevitably lead to cries for some sort of "solution." Witness the push for euthanasia or the killing of the aged. What started with the slogan "choice" begets another slogan "death with dignity." Holland has already gone down this path of death and many of its old people are killed in hospitals.

We have a scarcity of young people, and the media call this "low fertility. Though if they were being honest they would look at the huge numbers of abortions. The media use the code words "low fertility" to disguise this fact. The "final solution" -- death -- brought about by abortion is allowed very little discussion in our "investigative media," except to promote that banal slogan "freedom of choice" in an attempt to hide the killing.

While killing by abortion always existed, it was, in saner times, considered a horrific act and subject to criminal penalties. People who did them were outcasts. Now we call this act a "choice" even though the child in the womb has no choice and is poisoned by a saline solution or cut to pieces. Sometimes the child survives the abortion but is left to die.

What kind of society puts on a voluntary blindfold and pretends that abortion is anything other than the killing of the child in the mother’s womb? One wonders where are our "human rights" advocates, the justice system and most of our "choice" supporting media?

With today’s technology we can see the child in the womb, and we can operate on him or her, yet the politicians, the judges and the media continue to propagate the big lie of "freedom of choice."

The November 11, 2002, Canadian edition of "Time" magazine had on its front page a picture of the child in the womb. The headline was "Inside The Womb." The article inside tells us: "The List Of Potential Threats To embryonic life is long. It includes not only what the mother eats, drinks or inhales..." The article goes on to say: "But of all the long-term health threats, maternal undernourishment- which stunts growth...may top the list." Ah, the politically correct media are at it again. No mention of abortion as a "threat" and abortion surely "stunts growth;" it should definitely be on the "list."

This societal plague called abortion has not only infected numerous countries but has infected the brain cells of our so called "intellectuals." Why else would the cover up of this abominable crime continue to be sanctioned?

Abortion is big business and a whole industry "lives" off it. Except of course the child in the womb who is slaughtered by it, under the banner of “choice.” The consequences of killing the child in the womb are starting to show up in our society. An aging population, a disrespect for life, talk of human cloning, experimentation on human embryos and euthanasia. We are reaping what we have sown. No one is safe and nothing is sacred. Life is a commodity to be used and abused. The plague is upon us, a societal plague called abortion.

Stephen J. Gray

November 21, 2002.

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