Friday, February 5, 2010

Are Some of the Media Hypocrites?

CHBC a TV station in Kelowna, B.C. has refused to show a pro-life ad after originally accepting it. The excuse for their refusal was that the ad was too graphic. CHBC is an affiliate of Global TV which in turn is part of the Canwest Global Communications, which states on its website: “Canwest Global Communications Corp. is Canada's largest media company. In addition to owning the Global Television Network, Canwest is Canada's largest publisher of paid English language daily newspapers…” [1]
Its newspapers includes the National Post.

The National Post of January 15, 2010 had this to say about “graphic images from Haiti.”
“Some readers may be offended by our use on the front page of Friday's print edition a picture showing the body of a victim of the Haitian earthquake, or by another picture inside showing piles of corpses in the streets of Port-au-Prince.

“We recognize that these pictures are disturbing. But we think that they are also a necessary — indeed, a central — part of telling this story completely. (emphasis added ) They communicate in a powerful manner the true horror of what has taken place in that country.” [1]

Yet here in this country, one of their corporate affiliates CHBC refuses to show the horror of a baby’s severed hand by an abortionist. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, and let’s people see the atrocities suffered by many victims. Unless of course it is a picture of an aborted baby-- or the hand of an aborted baby that was in the pro-life ad censored by CHBC TV. These TV stations and other media have shown the bloodstained bodies of victims killed in wars and terrorist attacks, but when it comes to the showing of pictures of the innocents slaughtered by abortionists these so-called “searchers for truth” suppress the evidence, and say it is too “graphic.” Why is this, is it because so many of them have been promoting the big lie of, “freedom of choice” for so long, that to show the truth would make a lie of the propaganda parroted on abortion by “investigative journalism?”

Journalism is supposed to be about the search for truth. Instead it is engaged in suppressing the truth about abortion. The refusal of CHBC to show the pro-life ad shows the hypocrisy of most of the big corporate media. Yet some of these media consider themselves the “nations most trusted and well-respected.” Which raises the question, if the CHBC is part of a media conglomerate that claims to be“most trusted and well respected,” why would they suppress an ad that shows the truth about the horror called abortion? Dare we call them hypocrites?

Stephen J. Gray
February 5, 2010.

Note: The Pro-life ad can be seen at: