Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Collapsed Society

“When illegality rules by law. The rule of reason must withdraw.” - Goethe

The collapsed society did not know it had collapsed. The rot from within had been gradual. The rules of morality, decency, and normalcy--which had been the pillars of society--had been eroded bit by bit. Good had become bad, and bad had become good. The language had become debased and the law debauched. Orgies were now a given, according to the land’s Obscene Court--as long as no “harm” was done. What was once considered abnormal was now declared “normal” and women were “marrying” women and men were “marrying” men. But not to worry, at least the politicians had a “free vote” on this “marrying” absurdity. Thinking people, however, wondered how anyone with any common sense could vote on a piece of baloney which was a ridiculous lie. But hey, this was the collapsed society and those in power did not know or care that principles should come before power, or that they had succumbed to senselessness. Anyone opposed to the present stupidities was denounced by most of the media and declared to be of the “lunatic fringe.”

The real lunatics in the country were the so-called intellectuals who were tolerant of the tawdry and who were promoters of every vice. People speaking of morality and virtues were declared “intolerant” and it was a “hate crime” to criticize a lifestyle that brought disease and death. Free speech was only for those who practiced a disease-ridden “happy” lifestyle. The “happy” ones had the power and those in power capitulated to the “happy” ones. Morality had been perverted and even those in jail who had committed immoral acts were declared “morally worthy” to vote. The pervert’s work had “artistic merit” and the judicial artists were now making the “law.” The law was now acting like an animal called an ass, and it brayed from the benches and spread its filth across the land. The land’s political class had acquiesced to the “lawmakers” on the benches and declared them to be “supreme.”

The supreme document of the land was the constitution interpreted by lawyers now called judges. The constitution had a safeguard written into it called the “notwithstanding clause” which could be used when the judiciary lost their senses. But unfortunately the elites of the political class were afraid to use it. The present leader of the land said he would “never” use it on the “issue” of “same-sex marriage,” thus giving carte blanche for nonsense in “law” to be legitimized. Legitimate concerns of people who were trying to right the collapsed society were treated as irrelevant, irresponsible, and intolerant. Some politicians who still believed in decency and truth were reportedly muzzled by their political leader and told not to speak out on moral issues. This leader who once opposed “gag laws” was now gagging his own followers.

Still, the followers and supporters of people of the same gender “marrying” each other were not gagged and they were vociferous in promoting their “rights” and the “right” to “marry” in “same-sex marriages.” Meanwhile, the abortion train in the collapsed society continued its runaway rampage, killing its passengers the children in their mothers wombs with impunity. Cutting them to pieces or decapitating them was “freedom of choice” and a “human right.” Most of the politicians parroted the slogan “freedom of choice” to kill the child in the womb and the present leader of the land was quoted as saying: “This government will not open, will not permit anyone to open the abortion debate.” The government was also contributing a $100 million of taxpayers' dollars to a new “human rights museum” which some people thought bizarre when the innocent child in the womb had no human rights or protection. Meanwhile, spotted owls, seals, eagles, bears etc had protection. But hey, anything goes when a society has collapsed.

Stephen J. Gray
April 17, 2011.