Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Alphabet of Evil

The Alphabet of Evil
By Stephen J. Gray

“Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good.”
Mahatma Gandhi

A is for abortion, the killing of the child in the womb.

B is for bankrupt and the morally bankrupt societies that condone the abortion atrocities.

C is for capitalists and communists who consort with each other. The communists oppress their own people and the capitalists profit from slave labour in the communist country. These corporate criminals also supply, sell and manufacture weapons that cause death and destruction around the world, sometimes financing both sides in wars.

D is for devil and dictators who oppress and kill their own people with weapons supplied by “democratic” countries.

E is for evil and euthanasia, a “polite word” for state sanctioned killing, sometimes called “helping people to die.”

F is for frightening and the slogan, “freedom of choice” which attempts to camouflage the killing of the child in the womb. This slogan is parroted by sleazy politicians on the campaign trail.

G is for grisly, governments and genocide: the killing of millions by abortion and wars and approved by most of the so-called “leaders” in the world and the “international community” of “eminent persons.”

H is for horror and hypocrites parading on the “world stage.” The architects of evil who send young men and women to fight illegal wars, while they themselves lead with their mouths while safely ensconced in their luxury accommodations.

I is for inhuman and the idiots of the “international community” who sanction “humanitarian missions” to bomb and kill, and that maim children and civilians, and call their actions “responsibility to protect.”

J is for Jackals, the human kind that feed off death and destruction and who should be on trial for war crimes. But instead, get a free pass because they are the supposed “good guys.”

K is for knaves and the killing by abortion and wars and killing people by starving them to death. This other type of killing is done by food speculation in the commodities “business,” by “respected” investors. This is known as “making a killing” in the marketplace.

L is for licentious and liars, who have been known to frequent public office, and sometimes are called “honourable” and “right honourable,” thus making a parody of the language.

M is for malign and manipulation. This is done daily by most of the propagandists. They decide “what is truth” and who to support in “democratic elections.” Many people refuse to participate anymore, believing the system to be a sham, and most of the politicians B.S. merchants, who are paid handsomely to make lots of noise.

N is for nincompoops and nonsense, parroted by much of the political class, “read my lips no more taxes” they say. Then once elected proceed to punish the people for voting for them. The people could be called political masochists because they keep coming back for more punishment at election time.

O is for obedient and oafs sometimes known as fools. These are the “useful idiots” who believe every word that comes out of a political mouth. They are also known as “true believers” and will defend their political label no matter what.

P is for prostitutes and politics. Which could be called the “oldest profession,” these political practitioners have been known to sell out their countries national sovereignty. They do this by signing illicit deals and bypassing national parliaments and refusing their people national referendums. They have been known to wrap themselves in the flag of patriotism while at the same time undermining their countries constitutions. The word treasonous could be applied to them.

Q is for questionable and quislings, which is another word for traitors. Examples of them can be found in the alphabet letters already mentioned.

R is for reprobates, rascals and rebellion that just might happen eventually when the people everywhere have had enough of the political filth heaped upon them.

S is for scandalous and subvert, which can be seen every day. Freedom of speech subverted. Freedom of expression subverted, and freedom itself attacked by the people elected to public office. Examples are control of the internet. Human Rights Commissions,” governments spying on their own people and consorting with communist dictatorships and other despots who subvert democracy.

T is for two-faced and tyranny which is happening daily. Governments dictating to parents and imposing the dictum that deviant lifestyles be taught to their children under the banner of “sex education.”

U is for undermining and unnatural. Normal society has become a victim to government and judicial imposed vice. Judges legalizing brothels, killing centres called “abortion clinics.” Judicial rulings that say orgies are “okay” as long as no “harm” is done. “Free needles” paid for by taxpayers for drug users. Drug centres to shoot up in and drugs are supposed to be illegal. Does insanity rule?

V is for villains and vice, now acceptable in the system. Think of the financial fraud committed by the money changers who got bailed out by tax-payers dollars. None of them went to jail. Some of them even advise governments and are laughing at the taxpayers and the justice system.

W is for warmongers and war criminals who create hell on earth around the world. Bombing countries back to the dark ages and calling their depredations “humanitarian missions,” and “bringing democracy.”

X is the mark people place on a ballot. This allows whatever political party that gets elected to punish the people for voting for them. This as mentioned earlier, could be called political masochism.

Y is for yoke. The tax burden people everywhere carry imposed upon them by the political parasites who feed off them.

Z is for zealots, who are imposing a New World Order aided and abetted by puppet politicians who are selling out their countries national sovereignty.

Stephen J. Gray
April 7, 2012.

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