Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wait until he gets a Majority

Wait until he gets a Majority
By Stephen J. Gray

Wait until he gets a majority
The “true believers” cried
Right now he has a minority
So he can’t really do much or decide

Finally he got a majority
And things were much the same
Did he fool the “true believers?”
Who played his “conservative” game?

But hey, the game is power
And politics is part of the game
But, the “true believers” of conservative bent
Should they hang their heads in shame?

Perhaps they don’t realise
That they have all been fooled
But, they are still “true believers”
Even if liberalism still rules

As long as it’s called “conservative”
Labels don’t really matter
They are all happy campers
Under the liberal “conservative” banner

Once there was hope of political reform
Then a merger was proposed
So they killed off referendum and recall
And the reforming people got hosed

The moral of this story is
Politics is just a game
The people mark a ballot X
But, the players are all the same

Stephen J. Gray
April 1, 2012