Sunday, May 26, 2013

Can a “pledge” and a “promise” be made for Lawlessness?

Can a “pledge” and a “promise” be made for Lawlessness?
By Stephen J. Gray

“The Prime Minister reminded his MPs he made a pledge to Canadians during the 2011 election: that his government would not reopen the abortion debate and that Conservatives wouldn’t bring forward legislation on the topic.” -Globe and Mail, March 28, 2013.

Abortion kills an innocent human life. Canada has no law on killing by abortion, just like communist China and North Korea. Yet, there are those in positions of power who do not want to stop the killing, despite all the evidence that we have of the humanity of the pre-born child. The leader of the Conservative government, P.M. Stephen Harper, is on the record as saying this: “As long as I am prime minister we are not opening the abortion debate” (quoted in Globe and Mail, April 21, 2011).

Therefore, one has to ask the question, can a “pledge” be made to continue this lawlessness on abortion, and can one man, Stephen Harper, be allowed to impose his view on this issue on parliament?

The Globe and Mail of March 28, 2013, updated April 2, 2013, in an article by Gloria Galloway and Steven Chase stated, “The Prime Minister faced a brewing revolt from backbenchers this week concerning the grip his office exerts on their conduct, a rebellion that was triggered by Mr. Harper’s refusal to allow a vote on a B.C. MP’s motion condemning sex-selective abortions and then escalated into a bigger fight over how much autonomy Tory members of Parliament should have in the Commons….”

The article went on to state, “The Prime Minister reminded his MPs he made a pledge to Canadians during the 2011 election: that his government would not reopen the abortion debate and that Conservatives wouldn’t bring forward legislation on the topic.”… (emphasis added) The article further stated, “Last week the Conservatives collaborated with the NDP and Liberals to declare Mr. Warawa’s motion ineligible for further debate – essentially rendering it dead – despite the opinion of a Library of Parliament analyst who said it was entirely within bounds….” [1]

So there we have it, Mr. Accountability himself, Stephen Harper, hiding behind a “pledge,” which really is a suppression of free speech. Then the so-called “Conservatives” gang up with the Liberals and the NDP against Warawa’s motion. What an undemocratic gang of political hypocrites these politicians are and a danger to a supposed democratic society. And one of Harper’s MPs, Michelle Rempel, climbed aboard the pro-abortion bandwagon and parroted this excuse:

“A lot has been talked about this year about the ability of parliamentarians to have respectful debate on a wide variety of issues and I certainly support that principle. Having said that ... we made a promise to Canadians,” [on abortion] said Rempel. [2: Calgary Herald May 23, 2013.]

Rempel says she supports “debate,” and “that principle,” yet her party “collaborated” with the opposition to suppress debate. Is it any wonder politicians have no credibility?

The above information should surely raise this important question: How can anyone in a supposedly democratic society make a “pledge” or a “promise” not to reopen debate on any issue, abortion or otherwise?

I believe we have reached a stage in this country where free speech and free expression have become a sham [3] when all three political parties conspire together and collaborate against having the House vote on a motion of another member of parliament, namely MP Mark Warawa.  If these undemocratic politicians can do that against him, then the precedent has been set, and others could be next. Don’t these political dolts understand what they have done? In their haste to allow this killing by abortion in Canada to continue, they have become just like P.M. Stephen Harper and his lackeys; they all have made a “pledge” and a “promise” for lawlessness.

Stephen J. Gray
May 26, 2013.

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