Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Boots We Need On the Ground

We need to send all the politicians as Boots on the Ground
They are all “great warriors” and make plenty of sounds
Let them lead by example in the front lines of war
Let’s see their “bravery” instead of noisy roars

Let’s hear them yell, their scary battle cries
Instead of them uttering aye ayes, as ordinary people die
Just imagine the portly ones and pot bellied crew
Charging around the battlefield protecting me and you

Let’s see them drag their butts in the desert sun
Give them all some weapons and a great big gun
Let’s outfit them in uniforms and put them on parade
Let’s see what they are made of if they have to dig a grave

Let’s see them “punch above their weight”
As they face the enemy at hell’s gate
If war is a “noble” calling, and a “responsibility to protect”
We need the politicians on the front lines, surely they won’t object?

After all they are “leaders” sending soldiers off to war
It’s time they led by example and they were at the fore
So what do all the people think of politicians’ fat and round
Should they lead the charge to war as Boots on the Ground?

Stephen J. Gray
October 1, 2014.

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