Sunday, October 19, 2014

The War Disease

This disease has been known to infect the minds of so-called “honourable” and “right honourable” politicians. Some have even called it “noble.” It gives them a sense of power and control and some feel it helps their chances of re-election. Therefore, they spread this disease by forming coalitions with other diseased politicians of similar mindset. They spread their disease by word of mouth and it becomes infectious and contagious. This contagion is happily picked up by most of the media and the arms dealers who manufacture weapons for this deadly disease and they spread their dangerous, destructive and evil killing around the world, while at the same time reaping enormous bloody profits.

Other supporters of this disease are the generals’ in fancy uniforms and colourful medals which they receive for perpetrating this sickness. This illness also contaminates whole armies of serfs who blindly follow orders to bomb, kill and maim on instructions from the generals. Sometimes innocent people, including children who are disease-free are slaughtered by the perpetrators of this disease. But if this is done by a “moral army” then it is praised and approved by most of the establishment. This is called “collateral damage” and the killers sometimes apologize then carry on killing.

This “respectable” illness of “legitimate killing” is celebrated at soccer games, hockey games, football games, and many other games. Music is played and flags are waved in celebration of this deadly contamination that destroys and kills and kills and kills. This is a common reaction from the war diseased because numerous people believe that all this destruction and killing brings “freedom” and “democracy.” Instead it has brought misery and death to millions of people who are victims of the war disease. These victims include refugees, soldiers, sailors and airmen and their families who blindly followed orders from their contaminated leaders.

The leaders in the grip of this repulsive disease justify their support of all this mayhem by calling their disease, “bringing democracy” and a “responsibility to protect.” This perversion of language which is a disease of the mind has resulted in some of these “leaders” receiving a prize for peace. Other “leaders” have been nominated for this “prestigious” prize and are awaiting their “honour.” If some people are confused and wondering, How can a deadly war disease get a prize for peace? The answer is quite simple. In a world gone mad, where the war diseased rule, this is seen as perfectly “normal.”

Anybody criticizing this sick disease of “normalcy” is called unpatriotic and criticizing “the brave” and other epithets are hurled at them. After all, bombing, killing. maiming, destroying homes, causing civil wars in various countries, decapitating children with hellfire missiles and drones is okay as long as it is certified by our war diseased rulers. Some of these rulers have been known to fund, supply and support other diseased rulers they are supposedly fighting against.  But, this is a common symptom of this evil war disease. This is a deadly virus and a sickness of the minds and that is why it is called the War Disease, and so far no cure or antidote has been found.

Stephen J. Gray
October 19, 2014.

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