Thursday, October 27, 2016


Millions are dead, others are still alive
Millions of people are just trying to survive
Millions are refugees wandering the earth
Most have nothing left, of any real worth

Once they had homes and some had businesses too
Then there arrived, the warring hellish crews
They bombed and blitzed a number of countries
Will they ever pay for their evil obscenities?

So called “leaders” of the “democratic” west
“The dogs of war,” that think they know best
War criminals that planned hell and destruction
Blood soaked villains oozing satisfaction

Proud of their crimes of “bringing democracy”
A hellish sight is their unctuous hypocrisy
Their partners in war crimes are the monetary villains
Who financed and paid for the missiles from the “heavens”

The assassins in the sky are just obeying orders
Is the madness of militarism definitely a disorder?
Conditioned to obey their bemedaled “superiors”
No matter that the motives are bloody ulterior

Countries destroyed and reduced to smoking rubble
The plotters and planners caused all this hellish trouble
The peoples of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and other countries too
Are the suffering and dead victims of this evil hellish crew

So say a prayer for the once “human race”
Where so-called leaders are a monstrous bloody disgrace
Where hell on earth is plotted and planned
And death and destruction covers the desert sand

The treachery of the “leaders” of “democratic” nations
Are funding and helping both sides in the conflagrations
Treason is permitted and practiced in broad daylight
Taxpayers and head choppers finance the dirty fight

This is “justice” and the so-called “rule of law”?
When well dressed war criminals are “men of straw”
Their crimes have cost society in monetary; trillions
But, worst of all, they are responsible for the deaths of untold millions

Stephen J. Gray
October 27, 2016.

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