Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Trump-eting Hypocrisy of the Establishment and Its Media

“A key factor is that the news media are part of commercial organizations who hold a distinct stake in the existing order. As they benefit from the political status quo, news media have no desire to publicize candidates that rock the boat.” Robert W. McChesney, Page 134, in his book, The Problem Of The Media 

There is no doubt that presidential candidate Donald Trump is rocking the establishment and media’s “boat.”  Therefore, they are trying to sink his bid for the White House, a White House that is stained with the blood of people around the world. [1]

Does the establishment feel threatened if Donald Trump should succeed? Will their cozy relationships and perverted use of power over the years be exposed to the light?  Their media allies, that also feed off the system, have been set loose on Trump, like ravenous dogs.

The media dogs are given the bones of the past scandalous behaviour of Donald Trump; and the public world-wide are fed a daily diet of his moral failings. Yet, these same people that are going into a frenzy of self righteousness are many of the same establishment and media hypocrites that are promoting filth on their TV networks and newspapers.  Hollywood is no better, and has got in on the “act.”

One Hollywood actor reportedly said of Trump: I’d like to punch him in the face.
“Other celebrities have openly endorsed Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton.”

And we know “Hillary Clinton” is above reproach, don’t we?

“While the Syrian civil war has been the subject of much debate, the war in Yemen has received almost no attention. Donald Trump has mentioned it only in passing, and Hillary Clinton hasn’t said a single word about it – with good reason.
“The reason is because, during her reign at the State Department, she and her staff collaborated with the Saudis to create a military machine that is now mowing down Yemeni civilians by the thousands.” Justin Raimondo, October 10, 2016.

Meanwhile, here in “sunny ways” Canada, we have our bastion of political correctness, where people parade naked on the streets, simulate sexual intercourse, and some women march naked with bare breasts bobbing in the wind. The media and some politicians tell us this is “diversity” in action. Some of these parades of “pride” are led by politicians and police chiefs. The Prime Minister and his children have even participated in this orgy of exhibitionism, all the while the establishment and the media gives it saturation coverage. (Some media even participate.) Yet. this same media are going into a ferocious frenzy over Donald Trump’s lewd remarks while we have lewd parades on our streets and on TV.  Still, hypocrisy is the forte of the establishment media here in Canada. Therefore, one has to ask: Has Canada Become Depraved, Degenerate, and Debauched Under “The Rule of Law”?

 Meanwhile, real news is suppressed, and the atrocities and treachery of the establishment in planned wars is covered up by the corporate media [2]

We have war criminals in our midst, [3] and the “word soldiers,” [4] in the “news media” are waging war on Trump. What does that say about “investigative journalism”? People are dying and starving around the world; countries and cities are destroyed; millions are refugees, and millions are dispossessed.  Meanwhile, Donald Trump is the target of the establishment media. Hypocrisy rules!

 “And what sort of lives do these people, who pose as being moral, lead themselves? My dear fellow, you forget that we are in the native land of the hypocrite.” Oscar Wilde...

Stephen J. Gray
October 13, 2016.


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