Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Rule of the Fool

The rule of the fool is a sight to behold
The dictator is gone, so we are told
An oaf and buffoon got elected to power
It is an education, watching a fool flower

The land is now bathed in rays of sunshine
Everyone and everything is going to be fine
The country will be on a high as it goes to pot
And all bathrooms are available whatever you’re taught

The fool knows best what is “good” for us all
The “polls” and the “numbers” love his foolish calls
The fool likes to travel and talk about “rights”
Promoting his baloney as he takes in the sights

He speaks and exclaims with Ah, Um, Ah, Ah!
Some people are wondering, is it just more, “Blah, blah”?
He likes to march in parades where people are naked
But when a fool rules, obscenity is celebrated

Still, this is a land where nonsense has become “normal”
And what used to be good is now perverted and awful
Truth has become lies, and lies are now “truths”
And banalities are celebrated, by the uncouth

He supports the killing of the pre-born child
He says he’s a “feminist,” surely killing should be reviled?
But no, in his land, people can be euthanized and “mercifully killed”
That is the “law,” and the smiling fool is thrilled

This fool also voted to bomb a country, that never invaded his
Now he is “helping” its refugees, isn’t he a “whiz”?
He is a new addition to the clowns on the world stage
But when a fool holds power, you should be afraid

Still, in olden days they had a fool as the “court jester”
Now these days, he is back as a political fixer
A new way of voting is supposedly in the cards
Though some cynics say “it’s just another canard”

The fool expresses love for dictators and shakes their hands
A fool and his “ethics,” and loud plays the bands
Eventually he will no longer be a “Hottie” or Mr. “Cool”
And another will take power, from the rule of the fool

Stephen J. Gray
December 8, 2016.