Saturday, December 24, 2016

There Will Be No Merry Christmas

There will be no merry Christmas for the victims of wars
Their countries are in ruins because of war criminal whores
Their homes have been destroyed and huge numbers are dead
While others are wandering and searching for bread

Others are refugees and seeking to escape
From the hellish bombings that the West and its “allies” helped create
Others are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea
Along with their children as they try to flee

There is no “peace on earth or goodwill to men”
When war criminals rule that are evil and insane
These mad men in power are totally corrupt
They are the “people” that caused wars to erupt

Justice has been killed and truth has become lies
These demons from hell make sure decency dies
Evil is what they’re spreading around this world
Their plotting and planning is being fulfilled

They need to be arrested and put on trial
Their crimes and atrocities are monstrously vile
Will something be done, will we see justice at last?
For unless this happens, there will be no Merry Christmas

Stephen J. Gray
December 24, 2016.

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