Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Faking Establishment and Its Fake News Media

“Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the hacking attacks and propaganda campaigns leading up to the 2016 elections, US intelligence agencies said in a declassified report Friday....
“The declassified version of the report doesn't contain much supporting evidence, however. Its authors acknowledge that fact, saying the spy agencies need to protect their sources”. Laura Hautala, January 6, 2017 3:11 PM PST

Despite the lack of “supporting evidence,” the air waves, the newspapers and all other sources of the faking establishment are all parroting that Vladimir Putin “won” the American election for Donald Trump. The parroting chatter is all over the “news” world, though some thinking people are calling it bird poop. How did Putin do it? He supposedly got inside the heads of millions of Americans and said: “Vote for Trump.” Still, in all sanity one must raise some questions: How did the American peoples’ brains pick up this message when it was sent to them in Russian? And why did some of them vote for Hillary Clinton instead? This is a mystery of epic proportions! Putin was able to get inside some peoples’ heads but not the Clinton supporters heads. And if the Clinton supporters heard the Putin message in their heads, why did they not report it?  Therefore one can only deduce that some American brains are more brainy or brainless or brain dead than others. Did I just make a brainy pun?

Anyway, the faking spymasters are saying that Putin did it. He “stole” the election for Donald Trump. The head of the CIA the “respected” Mr. Clapper, who gave “false testimony” once before, was a prime witness.

“Mr. Clapper has admitted giving Congress on March 12, 2013, false testimony regarding the extent of the National Security Agency’s collection of data on Americans. Four months later, after the Edward Snowden revelations, Mr. Clapper apologized to the Senate for testimony he admitted was “clearly erroneous.” That he is a survivor was already apparent by the way he landed on his feet after the intelligence debacle on Iraq.
Mr. Clapper was a key player in facilitating the fraudulent intelligence....”
William Binney and Ray McGovern. Consortium News,January 6, 2017.

And an article headlined: “Purge the CIA” By Justin Raimondo January 6, 2017, at “AntiWar” said this:

“Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified at a hearing on ‘Russian interference’ in the election that there’s a difference between ‘skepticism’ of the intelligence community’s assessment and ‘disparagement’ of said community. While stopping short of asking for a ‘safe space,’ this admitted liar used the opportunity to cry on the shoulders of Donald Trump’s assembled enemies: ‘We’re not perfect, he burbled, but hey everybody makes mistakes.’”

One wonders if deadly ‘mistakes’ by the faking establishment and its fake news allies in the corporate media could precipitate nuclear war?

“Sen. John McCain said Friday that Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election amounted to an ‘act of war.’” Theodore Scheifer and Deirdre Walsh, CNN, December, 30, 2016.

These faking fakers in positions of power seem determined to blame Putin for just about everything. Yet, these are the same people that loosed endless wars against a number of countries, while accusing Putin of aggression. I believe the faking establishment and their fake news media should be called: “The War Criminals That Opened the Gates of Hell.”

I also believe these faking monsters are a danger to humanity, as are their fake news peddlers in the corporate media. Paul Craig Roberts in an article headlined: “The Coup Against Truth,” January 5, 2017, summed them up correctly when he said:

“... the suppression of the truth is the last defense of the corrupt American ruling establishment. During the last 24 years three Washington regimes have murdered millions of peoples in nine or more countries along with US civil liberty. To cover up these vast crimes, unparalleled in history, the presstitutes have lied, slandered, and libeled.
“And the Washington criminal regime holds itself up to the world as the indispensable protector of democracy, human rights, truth, and justice. As the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said recently, what makes America exceptional is the use of might in the service of evil....”

Stephen J. Gray
January7,  2017.

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