Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Legacy of O-BOMB-A

“The U.S. dropped 26,171 bombs last year, 3,027 more than 2015.” ....
“US drops more bombs in Obama’s final year of office than in 2015” Teresa Welsh
January 5, 2017.

The destruction, death, and devastation by this “Nobel Peace Prize” president is surely a hellish legacy. Now this man is going into retirement to live in a luxury home [1] while the victims of his bloody carnage (those still alive) have no homes at all. Many of his living victims are refugees, living in camps or wandering the earth. Some are drowning in the waters of the Mediterranean trying to escape from their countries that have been reduced to smoking rubble, “courtesy” of Obama and his bomb happy NATO allies. [2] Some legacy!

“It has now been over three months since the first NATO bombs fell on Libya, yet President Obama has failed to request Congressional approval for military action, as required by the War Powers Act of 1973. The legal machinations Mr. Obama has used to justify war without Congressional consent set a troubling precedent that could allow future administrations to wage war at their convenience — free of legislative checks and balances.”   Bruce Ackerman, June 20, 2011.    

“At the end of Obama’s presidency, the United States is bombing seven foreign nations – but most of the actions have been cloaked in secrecy, often supplemented by deceit. Opening the files at the Pentagon, CIA, and State Department  on U.S. intervention in the Syrian Civil War might explain why the U.S. plunged deeper into that morass.  Pentagon-backed Syrian rebels have openly battled CIA-backed rebels.  The U.S. has armed and bankrolled Al Qaeda-linked groups in Syria despite federal law prohibiting providing material support to terrorist groups....” James Bovard, January 9, 2017.

“What does the administration have to show for eight years of illegal military interventions in seven countries, none of which comprised a danger to the US and against none of which the US has declared war? Terrorism was created by US invasions, no wars have been won, and the Middle East has been consumed in chaos and destruction. Worldwide hatred of the United States has risen to a record high. The US is now the most despised country on earth.” Paul Craig Roberts, January 12, 2017.

The bloodstained earth in the Middle East is aflame with the fires of war. [2a] Plotted and planned by those in positions of power. [3] The Obama administration is a part of this cabal that supports this deadly cycle of endless wars that have resulted in colossal bloody carnage. Yet, none of these people go to jail. Instead, they are reportedly in bed with the terrorists they are supposed to be fighting.

“Despite warnings about the consequences from senior U.S. officials, the Obama administration made a ‘willful decision’ to support al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other jihadist terror groups in Syria, according to former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief Michael Flynn (shown). That deliberate aid to Islamic terrorists battling Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad played a crucial role in the rise of the ‘Islamic State’ (ISIS or ISIL). While multiple top U.S. officials have already admitted that Obama’s so-called anti-ISIS coalition helped create, arm, and fund ISIS,”  Alex Newman, The New American. August 11, 2015.

In closing, I believe the legacy of Obama and his warmongering cohorts is despicable, deadly, and demonic. They have opened the gates of hell. [3] While pretending they care for humanity Therefore I ask, do bloody hypocrites rule?

“Barack Obama: World leaders must open their hearts to refugees
The president tells leaders at the UN that the globe enjoys stronger stability when help is offered to people in desperate need....”
Sky News September 20, 2016.

Stephen J. Gray
January 19,  2017.


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