Tuesday, May 1, 2018

‘A Nation of Laws’

“We are a nation of laws,” their leader said
If his words are true, why are so many people slaughtered and dead?
His nation invaded a number of countries illegally
Now these countries are destroyed and no longer live peacefully

Millions are dead, and millions are homeless
Is his ‘nation of laws’ really atrocious?
Millions are refugees who once had homes
Does his ‘nation of laws’ hear these peoples’ groans?

His ‘nation’ supplies weapons to murderous dictators
It even trains terrorists.  Is that not traitorous?         
He says they are ‘a nation of laws’ and that sounds good
Yet his ‘nation’ bombs and kills unlawfully; is that not lewd?

His ‘nation’ uses torture and trains torturers
Is this the actions of depraved murderers?
But if they are ‘a nation of laws,’ or so he says
Does his ‘nation’ know the meaning of hypocrisy today?

His and other vassal nations fired missiles into Syria
That is a war crime, despite all their unctuous hysteria
‘A nation of laws’ would not participate in illegal acts
That is a true statement, and those are the facts

He leads a ‘nation’ that really has no shame
Is he mentally challenged or could he be insane?
For no sane person would attempt to hide or disguise
Or explain away the war criminal actions of firing missiles from the skies

His is a ‘nation’ that has other nations in their war gangs
Are they all preparing the world for one last big bang?
Are he and other war criminals really all scofflaws?
Does anyone believe he and his gang lead ‘nations of laws’?

Stephen J. Gray
May 1, 2018.

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