Monday, May 28, 2018

Ireland Voted to Kill...

Ireland voted to kill the pre-born lives of its young
People were cheering, celebrating, and having fun
Some travelled from overseas to vote
Some were happy and some did gloat

The language of the vote was made to sound nice
No mention of killing by any hellish device
What could sound nicer than “legal termination”?
And so they voted yes to killing in their nation

Some politicians tweeted their support for the killing
That surely is atrocious, and very, very chilling
Whatever happened to ethics, principles and justice?                       
These are the kind of “people” ruling over us!

One politician reportedly said the vote in the Irish nation
Demonstrated the people’s concern “for the next generation”
Really? Some of the “next generation” could be killed by “choice”
Is he really correct and should Irish people rejoice?

It also was reported some people happily shed “tears of joy”
Others toasted and drank champagne, after voting to destroy
The pre-born child was no longer safe in the mother’s womb
The tiny innocents growing peacefully could now be in a tomb

Killing by choice would be enshrined in law
Evil temporarily won, and some were in awe
A once-green land would be red with blood
And the slaughter of innocents would become a flood

The hellish crime is called “reproductive choice”
And pre-born innocents would have no legal voice
Abortion clinics will open across this once-religious land
And innocents will die by death-dealing hands

Hands that kill and cut, disembowel and destroy
The tiny pre-born innocent girl and boy
Profits will be made from this devilish “business”
Surely, it is true, Satan lives among us

Are the people aware of what they have done?
Voting for killing a mother’s pre-born daughter and son
An insult to decency, morality, ethics, justice and God’s will
What an evil, satanic decision is Ireland’s vote to kill

Stephen J. Gray
May 28, 2018.

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