Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Exposing “Choice” Causes a Frenzy of Criticism

The greatest homage we can pay to truth is to use it. - Emerson

Showing the visual truth of the slaughtered innocents of abortion alongside victims of other genocides and atrocities upsets abortionists, they go into a frenzy when the truth of “choice” is exposed. [The disruption of a talk by a pro-life speaker at St. Mary’s University, Halifax is but one example of many. See videos: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Joerugby07&view=videos ] “Choice is about freedom,” scream the pro-abortionists! “We support ‘freedom of choice!’” has been the mantra of pro-abortionists, many politicians, many in the media, leaders of many trade unions and others in society. Now that “choice” is being exposed by the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP), the mounting frenzy can be heard across the land. After all, the pictures of bloodstained babies torn apart with severed limbs, headless torsos and small bloodied hands and feet show the atrocities of this heinous act of “choice” across our nation.

But hey, we are a “civilized nation” and the pictorial evidence of the GAP pictures are not for “intelligent” people. Journalist Barbara Kay states in the National Post of February 4, 2009,

“I am not opposed in principle to legal abortion.” She then goes on to say this: “I am here to offer the prospect of an alliance between pro-lifers and those, like myself, I would call cultural reformists. Abortion should be a serious moral decision, and undertaken with a heavy heart, with all options carefully weighed beforehand, rather than the rushed, banalized service of convenience it has become. Cultural reformists do not oppose legal abortion, but hope to see Canada become a more life-respectful society.”

Wow, is that a mixed message from Ms. Kay? On one hand she is “not opposed in principle to legal abortion,” but wants “a more life-respectful society.” Could this be called having your Kay, oops, I mean cake and eating it, as the saying goes? Could the slogan, “Cultural reformists” mean being nice about the horrendous act of abortion, so let’s all smile and be happy together and not show the disgusting truth of abortion?

Still, Ms. Kay is not the only journalist who does not like the GAP pictures showing the truth of abortion. Another journalist, Deborah Gyapong, who spent “12 years as a producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s [CBC] television news and current affairs programming” had this to say about GAP. “Frankly, I cringe when I see the pictures of aborted fetuses…”[1] She goes on to say about the GAP pictures. “I mean, talk about turning off the already converted. Barbara [Kay] is dead on.” So here we have a journalist, who, when she sees pictures of dead aborted babies, goes into “cringe” mode. And so she should “cringe,” as should other people who have turned a blind eye to the reality of “choice.”

This horrendous act called “choice” needs to be exposed visually and continually for what it is; premeditated slaughter of the innocent unwanted. Those who criticize the GAP exposure of the truth of the killing by abortionists should ask themselves a question:
Why the condemnation of courageous people for showing the truth, is it because the critics would rather be “nice” about abortion and they lack the courage to show its gory evidence? For in the words of Confucius: “To see what is right and not do it, is want of courage.”

Stephen J. Gray
February 12, 2009.

Note: See the innocents slaughtered by abortion at: http://www.AbortionNo.org