Monday, May 4, 2009

The Power and The Money

The Power and The Money

The monied and powerful elites who use the world’s tax free havens were all together at their luxury retreat for a meeting. Opening the meeting was the esteemed Mr. Power one of the world’s richest and most powerful. Mr. Power ambled up to the podium and commenced his speech.

“Another year has gone by and we continue to bask in our ever increasing wealth. Governments are receptive to our input in their economies and listen when we speak, and talking about governments, we have a former government leader with us today. Stand up Mr. Tony and let us see you.” Mr. Tony stands up, and smiles and bows to the assembled.
Mr. Power continues, “ Let me just say a few words about Mr. Tony. He took his country to war to preserve our freedoms and some of us made money and continue to make money in the weapons industry. There is no recession in the business of war! But, more on Mr. Tony, his party was called the New Socialist Party; however, we all know labels are for the ordinary people so that they can have somebody to vote for in our managed democracies. Political labels really mean nothing, but, I digress. Mr. Tony is no longer in government, his country is in a shambles after years of his government’s New Socialist policies. Mr.Tony’s useless, oops pardon me, I mean useful work continues. He is now an emissary for peace, has got religion and has become a self imposed expert on theology. He is also on the board of one of our biggest financial institutions. He is now an esteemed person and hopefully one day a Nobel Peace Prize could be in the works. So, lets all give a big hand to Mr. Tony for services rendered.”[ A huge round of applause entails, and Mr. Tony once again bows, waves, and smiles to the assembled.]

Mr. Power continues:
“ I see some leaders of governments amongst our invited guests. Let me just say to them, if you all follow the example of Mr. Tony, there could be a place for you in our inner sanctum. Some of you are doing great work and have used your countries taxpayers monies to bail out some of our operations due to that nasty ‘toxic paper’ oops I mean ’troubled assets’ fiasco. Still, it did help that we had our financial experts ready to give you advice on this important matter. Anyway, thank you for your trillions of taxpayers money, it was a great help and we still have our profits intact in these lovely offshore tax havens.

“ I would also like to give praise to one of the world’s communist governments. It has opened up its country to our investments, it is making money, and we are making money. There are no strikes, no trade unions, there is no democracy, and no freedom in this country, but that is the price that must be paid if we are to have free market communism. Of course this communist country did put on the Games for it’s people and the world participated in this orgy of excess in an un-free country. But hey, sports are the thing to keep the masses happy, the mad Nero of ancient Rome knew this, and I always say we can learn from history. Though these days we don’t feed Christians to the lions. [much laughter ensues] We feed them to Human Rights Commissars instead. But, I am digressing again, still, it is good to give the people some enjoyment, and of course we make big profits playing our Games, and the taxpaying people will pay for any losses.

“ I would also like to recognize an elder statesman amongst us today. Mr. K has been adviser to governments and saw the possibilities of operating in a communist country many years ago. He led the way one might say and now we are all ensconced there making big dollars. But, I digress, he has also been a security strategist and I believe was the instigator of a mass bombing of another communist country a number of years ago. He later received a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts and I am sure the arms dealers amongst us look on him with fondness. He and his associates do business world wide. A great planner and schemer he is always available to sound off on the state of the world. Let’s hear it for our esteemed colleague Mr. K. [All stand and give Mr. K a standing ovation.]

Mr. Power continues:
“On another matter, we drove the price of oil ever upward and we made big dollars. The people complained of course but every now and then they have to be taught a lesson on who is really running the show. They were getting too comfortable so we thought it was time to bring them down to earth, as the saying goes. We have brought the price back down for now while we take a breather and count our excess profits. Meanwhile mass layoffs are occurring everywhere around the world, and the people are subject to and subjects of our planned recession. But hey, Mr. Change has arrived, and who better to bring change than Mr. Change, the latest addition to our ranks. He could not be here today, as he is very busy spreading the word of change. He is very clever with words and makes them sound good. I am sure he will be another worthy ally to our plans.

Finally, before closing my speech there is one more important matter that has to be addressed, it is the world wide internet. The people are using this much too freely, they seem to think that this type of freedom can continue. Many of them are bypassing our own corporate media outlets and the managed news and voicing and publishing their own opinions. This is not good for our society, and I would emphasize the word our. It is we who are the movers and shakers. It is we who control and promote the free markets, therefore our next advice to governments will be to help them control the internet so that our democracy can continue as we know it. Thank you all for coming as we continue our journey in managing the world towards our New World Order.

Stephen J. Gray
May 4, 2009.