Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here is a letter I sent to the National Post. The letter was published May 18, 2011.
The letter was edited by the newspaper. Here is the complete letter. SJG.
Letter to Editor
National Post
May 14, 2011

Dear Editor, Re your editorial, "Respect for life,respect for free speech" May 14, 2011.
Excellent editorial and straight to the point. Unfortunately most of the media, including the National Post have been silent on the most recent attack on free speech by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He has been quoted as saying:“As long as I’m prime minister, we are not reopening the abortion debate,” National Post, April 21, 2011. I find it amazing that none of the investigative media who are supposed to support free speech and free expression never even criticized him for this dictatorial comment. Surely, in a supposedly free country all issues should be up for debate in Parliament? Perhaps your next editorial will take him to task for this assault on democracy in Canada.

Stephen J. Gray