Sunday, May 8, 2011

Society at “Work”

They kill their young by abortion and call the atrocity “freedom of choice.” They carry out this heinous slaughter in abortion chambers, decapitating, disemboweling and beheading the victims. They even awarded the country’s highest honor to one abortionist for doing his dirty “work” over many years. He is declared a “hero” in society and lauded in most of the media. The present leader of the country, just like the others before him believes in “freedom of choice” to kill by abortion and he is on the record as saying: “This government will not open, will not permit anyone to open the abortion debate.” These kinds of words are surely worthy of a dictator.

They sell weapons, missiles, tear gas, tanks etc to their dictator “friends” who use these weapons to kill and slaughter their own people. Then they attack one of their “friendly dictators” with missiles and bombs in a “humanitarian mission” to save lives! Yesterday’s friend is now today’s enemy. Innocent men, women and children are killed and maimed by their attempt to “save lives.” Cities are reduced to rubble, homes are destroyed, and thousands of refugees are left homeless, but, this is a “humanitarian mission.” Meanwhile, massive profits are made by the weapons industries that specialize in bloody death and destruction. Their stocks rise on the stock markets of the world and the bloodstained profits of perdition are hailed as “good business” investments. The killing business knows no recession, but its victims suffer not only depression but horrible deaths, others suffer disease and deformity; and those still alive live in despair, searching for water and food.

They manipulate the price of food on the commodity markets of the world. Massive profits are made by “respected” financial firms while deaths occur in many of the poorer countries of the world. The “free marketers” are running amok manipulating the food system. Starvation and hunger is the price that is paid resulting in human misery. Laughter engulfs societies clubs and mansions as another “good day” on the stock market raises them to dizzy heights of optimism. They watch their “investments” increase in value as they speculate on the necessities that people need to survive. Still, this is “respectable” society at “work” and their “hard work” is paying off big time. Meanwhile, the peasants in the poorer lands are cattle to be herded and culled by starvation.

Elsewhere, in the “greatest country in the world” over 40 million of its people are on food stamps. Many have lost their homes to the financial fraud artists who were bailed out by the peoples’ tax dollars. Young men and women are sent overseas to fight in wars because there were supposed to be “weapons of mass destruction.” This turned out to be untrue. Now many of these young men and women are dead. Others have lost limbs or been disabled. Their political leaders live on in luxury, still spouting political nonsense about bringing “democracy” to the world while they consort with communist dictators who suppress freedom and rip the organs from their own people. This then is our high and mighty society at “work.”

Stephen J. Gray
May 8, 2011.