Sunday, May 29, 2011

Are We Seeing Hypocrisy and Corruption Incorporated?

Governments and corporations sell bombs, tanks, guns, missiles, tear gas etc. to dictators and despots. Then, when these same dictators use these weapons to suppress and attack their own populations they pretend they are outraged. Just look at what is happening in Libya, a mass bombing campaign is in progress. Missiles are launched and mayhem is the order of the day. All this is done in the name of a “humanitarian mission.” Which makes one wonder what is “humanitarian” about killing civilians and children? Surely, the political pimps for the arms industry, who make up the Gang of Eight (G 8) and who used to be friends of this Libyan dictator could have used Mafia type tactics and had him taken care of. Oh, I forgot, our “democracy” does not do such criminal acts.

We do not have criminals or war criminals in our midst we only have politicians who support “humanitarian missions.” There are no profits to be made in mafia type solutions and the country is not reduced to rubble, only a “good war” attacking the dictator at home produces profits for the weapons industry. The reconstruction of the country creates opportunities for the multi-national elites in re-building the country after the bombing frenzy. The big prize, the oil is already there and the money and gold in the dictators bank accounts probably held offshore by “respectable bankers,” is surely worth having. But hey, we know that money will be returned by the bankers to the Libyan people, don’t we?

The Washington Post of may 25,2011 stated this:
“Some of the world’s most sophisticated banks and investment firms rushed to do business with Moammar Gaddafi’s government in Libya after the United States rescinded the country’s designation as a state sponsor of terrorism five years ago, according to an internal financial document obtained by The Washington Post.

“HSBC, Goldman Sachs and other top banks took on hundreds of millions in cash deposits. Hedge funds and private investment firms, including the Washington-based Carlyle Group, sold Libya’s investment authority complex financial products. The Libyan sovereign wealth fund bought more than $1 billion in U.S. Treasury bills, effectively giving Libya a chance to underwrite U.S. debt.” [1]

Meanwhile another “friendly dictatorship” in Saudi Arabia that is supplied with weapons from the democracies in the West is using these same weapons on populations in the Gulf, but there is no “humanitarian mission” in progress there, after all the Saudis are “good dictators.”

A British M.P. had this to say in the Guardian of May 28, 2011.
“Jonathan Edwards, a Plaid Cymru MP who has tabled parliamentary questions to the MoD about its links to Saudi Arabia, said he found it difficult to understand why Britain was training troops for ‘repressive undemocratic regimes.’”[2]

It is not only Britain that beds down with tyrants and dictators. The Ottawa Citizen of April 23, 2011 had this headline, “DND reports reveal Canada's ties with Gadhafi

The article went on to say: “Western politicians have labelled Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi a despot and a brutal dictator, but Defence Department reports portray him in another way -as a staunch ally in the war against al-Qaeda and Islamic extremism.” [3]

So there we have it, yesterday’s friend is now today’s enemy. The Libyan dictator is now a pariah, while other dictators and despots are praised as friends. Therefore, based on the evidence, I ask the question: Are we seeing hypocrisy and corruption, not to mention political evil continuing to be incorporated into the democratic system?

Stephen J. Gray
May 29, 2011