Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An Update on The New World Order

An Update on The New World Order

The international elites are holding their yearly conference in one of the offshore tax havens. Mr. Juan Elitist is this year’s respected speaker. His speech begins.

“First of all let me say welcome to the international community gathered here today. You are the crème de la crème of the world community and the real rulers of the earth today. Oh sure, many of the masses elect politicians but we, the unelected, advise the politicians. Still, democracy is a wonderful system, though I am sure our dictator and despot friends, oops, I mean authoritarian friends amongst us would beg to differ. But hey, the end result is the same, we hold the power and the power is us. ( much applause ensues and squeals and shrieks of approval are heard from the eminent persons, statesmen, stateswomen, respected financiers and business oligarchs in the audience.)

“Power and money go hand in hand and handling money is not for simpletons. It takes respected bankers to handle money a good example is one of our most respected financial firms. They came out of the recession unscathed, thanks to a bailout of taxpayers’ dollars. Still, I must say I wonder how they managed to lose nearly one hundred percent of one of our former dictator friend’s money after he invested with them. It wasn’t peanuts either, over 1 Billion dollars according to one report. Still, they did offer to turn him into one of their major investors, and surely that was a good business solution to the problem. This is a firm, whose boss has said they are doing God’ work, and surely there is no higher calling than that? There was only one disgusting note to this episode of free enterprise investing of a dictator’s money. Our reputable and respected financial firm received threats and had to get some security for itself before it left the dictator’s country. I ask you what is the world coming too? The sooner we get rid of this ungrateful guy the better. Anyway, I am sure our former dictator friend’s money is somewhere in our system so it will not go to waste. Meanwhile, we are now wasting our old friend’s country with massive bombing raids and missiles or as one simple politician put it planes “dropping their ordinances.” I have to admit that does sound better than bombing them back to the stone age. Still, we have wonderful air support from our National Air Terror Organization (NATO) sanctioned by our Gang of Eight (G8.), oops I mean governments of eight. It is a humanitarian mission to save the people, of course some people including children are being slaughtered but this is only collateral damage and they are surgical strikes, and eventually after our old dictator friend goes we can go about re-building his country. I am sure some of you are already preparing bids on the rebuilding process and others will want to help out with the country’s oil business.

“Our business of ruling the world is coming to fruition. I mean, who would have believed that nearly all those countries in Europe would agree to a European Parliament and one currency called the Euro. It just shows what can be done by not asking most of the people whether they want this type of governing system. Still, it does help when we have pliable politicians prepared to sell out their national sovereignty for a seat in our world politburo. As I said earlier, our vision is happening before the eyes of the people and the people don’t see it. I always say, under the guise of a perimeter of national security one can impose anything. Soon, we will have a North American Union (NAU), and that along with the European Union (EU) brings our agenda of eventual World Union (WU) much closer. So you see good things are happening for us while the people are kept busy watching games and soap operas. Give the masses entertainment before enslavement, and dull their capacity to think and they don’t realize what is happening to them. Still, as long as their taxes keep rolling in to bail us out who would argue that we have the greatest system going for us. I’ll close for now, and let us all head to the hotel bar and raise a toast to the continuing success of our New World Order. (A standing ovation ensues and shouts of “three cheers for Juan Elitist are heard throughout the hotel.)

(Satire) by Stephen J. Gray
June 8. 2011.